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Age of Sigmar: New Cinematic Explains The Skaven Threat – Callis and Toll Style

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Jun 5 2024

Callis and Toll and back with a new animated short from Games Workshop to discuss the Skaven Threat on the Mortal Realms.

If you’ve been wondering how the Skaven managed to upset the balance of things and invade the Mortal Realms with a massive Gnawhole then we’ve got some good news. Callis and Toll and here to explain a few things — from the perspective of a pair of mortals who are there!

via Warhammer Community

“So what are the Skaven to the people of the Mortal Realms? Rumours whispered in taverns of loathsome ratmen that exist in the shadows and prey on the unwary? Or are they a known quantity in the Hour of Ruin? Luckily, Callis and Toll are on hand for a quick rundown of Skaven and their place in the Age of Sigmar.”

The Skaven Threat

Gnawholes have been used by the Skaven to bore around reality and pop-up in smaller pockets within the mortal realms. But this is the first time that one this large has appeared. While it’s a surprise that they were able to create a hole this large what’s really scary is how they were able to do it under everyone’s collective noses.

The Sigmarites believed that the great parch was just being impacted by the rampaging Troggoths and their King. Or maybe it was a Soulblight Curse — but in reality, the Skaven were doing their thing. In their Skaven cunning, they were systematically corrupting various nexus sites with their warpstone. This was a large scale undertaking and it’s got “the hand of their evil God” behind it all.


We also get a bit about how the Sigmarites are replying to this invasion. That’s where all the Stormcast Eternals have gone. They have left the cities and are moving east with some striking deep in the heart of the invasion. The Ruination Chambers are leading the charge and it’s going to be quite the battle.

Skaven Ascendant – Target Acquired

If you’re not a lore junkie, this might not mean a ton to you. However, if you’ve been keeping up with things, even on the side, then you know this is kind of a big deal. To me, what strikes me is that the Skaven are typically the thorn in everyone else’s plans. So, when say the God of Death gets a wild hair to unleash a realm shattering spell, the Skaven are there to muck things up just enough so that they don’t win.

I have a feeling that it’s not just Nagash that’s going to have a part to play in this arc. Quite a few factions are going to want to get revenge on those pesky rat-men as payback for messing up their schemes. This is the Skaven’s grand plan, right? Who doesn’t want to get in there and toss a wrench into their plans at this point? The Skaven might be ascendant right now, but that just means they painted a massive target on their back and loads of people are going to be taking aim.



This edition kick off might be Skaven vs Stormcast, but you KNOW the other factions are going to be getting involved. It’s gonna be payback time.

Author: Adam Harrison
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