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D&D Accessories: Dice Trays to Keep Your Rolls on the Level

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Jun 2 2024

Are metal dice scuffing up your dining room table? Habitually losing rolls and dice to the floor? You may be in need of a dice tray!

We’ve all been there. You’ve been playing D&D for hours, your party is staring down the gaping maw of Valenzhoth the Unknowable, you queue up the perfect spell, roll your die and…. it lands on the floor. No, that nat twenty doesn’t count, roll it again, on the table this time. But hey, at least none of the cats noticed and batted the die away like last time. Oh, spoke too soon. Don’t let this happen to you. Grab a dice tray and keep your D&D dice on the table and in play all session long.

1. Snap Open Dice Hexagon

This is the style of dice tray that I use, love, and can personally recommend. The leather and felt combo feels good to use, the snaps are sturdy, and when the night is over, they lay down flat to be slipped between source books and into a bag. This tray is one of the easiest to find out in the world, and compared to some other trays it has the fewest bells and whistles. But the functionality and price can’t be beat.

2. Rolling Tray and Storage

This dice tray is a slam dunk for me. The separated rolling area and storage ring are perfect, and the cover designs are colorful and fun. When you’re done gaming for the night, you can put the cover on, throw it in your bag and have everything together for next time. It’s convenient, it’s compact, and it serves a duel purpose. Plus if your party member doesn’t have a dice tray, the cap works great as a second rolling surface.

3. Dice Tray and Zipper Pouch

Another multitasker, this set will hold lots of your dice between sessions and includes a compact rolling tray for game time. But if you’re worried about your dice breaking free in your game back, this set has a zipper closure. It’s the smallest thing, but will bring so much peace of mind to the gamer on the go who’s spent too much money on dice to worry about how secure they are.

4. Tray With Built In Tower

This tray has a lot going on and it’s all very useful. There are six individual sections for holding full sets of dice- because we all have too many of those. There is also a larger compartment for holding slightly larger things like pens, specialty dice, or minis. And finally the rolling tray has a snap and fold dice tower for rolling ease. And when you’re done playing, it all folds down with a handy cover for easy storage and travel.

5. Cat Tray

Few things are as memed as D&D… but Cats may have it beat. This dice tray is not only a great way to keep your dice rolling on the table and out of the realm of the real life cats, but it snaps up and unfolds flat between games. And most importantly, it’s really cute.

Do you use a dice tray? What kind is your preference? Did any of our picks make it onto your wish list? Let us know in the comments!

Happy adventuring!


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