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D&D Accessories: Tools For Your Table’s Artificer

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Jun 9 2024

Gears, goggles, and robotics with a fantasy twist will ring a little of that artificer aesthetic to your game table.

Artificers are a popular class in D&D with an unmistakable style. A little fantasy and a little steampunk, there are so many ways to do Artificer right.. And with these Artificer-themed D&D accessories, your character will be inspired to tinker better, build more constructs, and infuse all of the items.

1. Gear Dice

Throwing a gear on it and calling it steampunk is such a trope that it became a joke years ago. Yet anytime I see something decorated with bronze gears I immediately know what sort of vibe the person was going for. In this case, hollow metal dice with cogs, gears and bronze numbering makes me think of my artificer character and her pockets full of loose gears and tools right away.

2. Artificer Mini

If you’re playing an artificer, you’ll probably be in need of an mini. This one features a human with armor, goggles, and a hammer suitable for getting into scrapes or knocking some shapes out of metal. Their pouch is probably full of as many tools as your character’s, and those gloves are ready for welding. Of course, if this doesn’t look enough like your artificer, there are a million minis out there.

3. Automaton Dice Box

The first thing I thought of when I saw this dice box were the killer robots from Breath of the Wild. And hopefully this automaton dice box will keep your dice just as safe as one of those guard robots. Complete with a lid for travel and your choice of colors, your friendly tabletop construct will always know where your dice are for when you need them – that is unless they’re in your other tabletop construct jail.

4. Wooden Mug

Metal work and adventuring are both thirty work, your character is going to need to take a drink break or two. And when they do this wooden mug with a gear design is perfect for your party’s favorite artificer. Sometimes a simple design is the best, and I think this may be one of those times. This mug would be perfectly in place at your D&D table, at the Renn Faire, or just next time you’re having a few drinks with your not-in-character friends.

5. The Artificer’s Journal

It’s a rule of D&D that we should all probably be taking better game notes. Maybe this notebook will inspire you to do just that. Fifty character pages, fourth ruled pages for note taking, forty graph pages (twenty grid and twenty hex!), and a bonus twenty blank pages will give you plenty of space for everything you should jot down for later. Now you just need to remember to take those notes, and when you figure out how to master that let me know.

What tools do you think are a requirement for playing an artificer? Will any of our picks make your wish list? What’s your artificer’s go-to aesthetic and would they like any of these goodies? Let us know in the comments!

Happy Adventuring!


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