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Perfect Fathers Day Gifts For Your Game Playing Dad

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Jun 7 2024

If there’s a dad in your life who enjoys, D&D, TTRPGs, or even just board games, these Father’s Day gifts will be a nat twenty.

Is there a nerdy game playing Dad in your life who you’ll be celebrating next weekend? My husband runs a weekly D&D session for my family—including my dad—and rest assured the bad jokes abound. If you too know or have a TTRPG and game-loving Dad, maybe one of these gifts would be right for them this Father’s Day.

1. A Dragon Walks Into a Bar

Did somebody say bad jokes? It was me, two seconds ago! We all know that dad jokes are a thing. Sure, they may be bad, but dad jokes have a certain harmless charm that will sometimes even earn them an amused snort of acknowledgment. Will this RPG-themed joke book help your dad step up their joke game or just focus more on a fantasy setting? Only time will tell!

2. DM Drinkware Set

No matter what your dad’s drink of choice is, a nice cup will make it that much more special. This is technically a whiskey glass, but it will hold any drinkable liquid just fine, and the nat one with “I have a plan” inscribed on the front would be very funny at any table. The glass comes in an oak gift box.

3. Leather “Keychain Tray”

I’ve been seeing a lot of these trays for keys, glasses, spare change… y’know, nightstand stuff. But personally, when I see one of these trays I immediately think, “Oh, that’s a dice tray.” The small side can hold the dice that are waiting their turn while the larger side is a nice big rolling surface. Plus, like lots of other dice trays, it unsnaps and folds up flat for easy between-game storage. If your dad doesn’t play D&D this can still be a really nice gift. But if he does, you’ll know his dice won’t be getting lost under the table anytime soon.

4. Dad Joke Face-Off

Let’s look at a completely other kind of game; it’s time for the Dad Joke Face-Off. The game is simple, tell bad jokes and try not to laugh. Easy, right? Or is the joke so bad and so stupid that you can’t help but giggle?

5. Dragon Pop-Up Card

If you’re the type of person to keep it simple with a card, this one might just be perfect. When your dad opens the card, a fire-breathing red dragon will pop up. Write your message in there, and get ready to absorb all of the hearty “thanks, sport,” affirmations that ensue. But really, this is a very neat card for anybody into D&D or just fantasy in general.

Oh hey! BoLS might make a little dolla-dolla if you decide to buy these items. We need that money because after I threw out my back picking up a toddler I realized that I owe my dad a million dollars for making fun of him when that exact thing happened to him in Disney when I was a kid.

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