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Warhammer 40K: ‘Sisters of Battle’ Detachments Bring The Faith And Flame

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Jun 6 2024

The new Codex for the Adepta Sororitas is on the way. Are you going to join the faithful or be burned as a heretic?

Games Workshop is showcasing a few of the rules from the detachments of the Sisters of Battle. They’ve got a total of four different detachments to use in their new codex with Hallowed Martyrs returning and three new ones to try. Get ready to face the flames of the faithful and their righteous zeal!

via Warhammer Community

“The Hallowed Martyrs are back and just as filled with righteous indignation as before – powering up as Battle Sisters bite the bullet. The three new Detachments each take another of the faction’s big themes – fire, PENITENT units, and Acts of Faith – and supercharge them with divine power.”

Adepta Sororitas Detachments

Bringers of Flame

When it comes to the instruments of their divine retribution, the Sisters rely on a holy trinity of weapons: Bolter, Flamer, and Melta weapons. This detachment leans into this battle philosophy hard. They get to change these weapons to Assault and when they target units within 12″ they also get to boost the strength of those attacks.

Furthermore, they have a few more tricks to play with. The Enhancement Fire and Fury is just one option. It adds 1 to the Torrent weapon attacks for models in the unit being led by this character. And other ranged weapons have sustained hits 1. Righteous Blows is a stratagem that gives melee weapons lethal hits and can cause the targets of these attacks to take a battle-shock test if they had any casualties.


Penitent Host

If you prefer the ravenous zeal of the Penitent models in the army, then this detachment is for you. This detachment plays around with a series of Vows they get access to. These can really amp-up the units to new heights of “zeal for the Emperor.”

These are fairly straightforward boosts to the army. They are only usable once but using the right one on the right turn is where the tactical choice comes into play.  To supplement these even further there’s also their stratagems as well.


Converting your unmodified melee hit rolls of 5+ into Critical Hits ain’t bad! That should help trigger a ton of “fun” effects from those Penitent units for sure!

Army of Faith

Last but not least we have the Army of Faith. This one is for folks who really like those Acts of Faith. It’s got a simple rule that’s quite potent:

Your units can do two Acts of Faith per turn instead of just one. Uh…yikes. Moving on, let’s see those other teasers for the Army of Faith.

A weapon that not only makes your melee attacks better and more effective against armor but also can generate you more Miracle dice? Great…that’s just great. And Divine Guidance ALSO gives you more Miracle dice? I can wait to play against this detachment. I’m sure the Adepta Sororitas fans are going to get a kick out of this one. But I’m not looking forward to seeing this across the tabletop.


The new Codex is getting ready to drop — are you prepared for the fire and the faithful?

Author: Adam Harrison
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