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Age of Sigmar: How to Play Beasts of Chaos

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Jul 10 2024

Today we look at how to play Beasts of Chaos in Age of Sigmar. Trample your enemies under your cloven hooves!

It’s hard not to love an army that often seems to be ignored, but avid Beasts of Chaos players do so nonetheless. As a fan of the Beastmen, I can respect that. That said, here are a few tips and tricks to get the most out of your goatmen/bullmen/OHMYGODDRAGONCENTAURS and which units you should prioritize.

Who are Beasts of Chaos?

The Beasts of Chaos are unique amongst the followers of the Dark Gods for they are not enslaved to their will, nor is their strength gifted to them by those gods. Instead, the Beasts of Chaos are nothing less than the physical manifestation of Chaos. Fighting against them is fighting against anarchy and ferocity, it is attempting to stop the coming of a primal epoch in which every concepts upon which civilizations are built are mere legends in some forgotten tomes. Indeed the Beasts of Chaos ultimately seek to merge the Mortal Realms and the Realm of Chaos, thus creating an existence of primal wilderness where gods, worlds and beasts are all part of a single anarchic whole in which order is null.

Why Play Beasts of Chaos?

The Beasts of Chaos are actually a collection of several different groups: the Brayherds, the Warherds, the Thunderscorn who charge forward under baleful storms, absorbing the energy of lightning strikes to empower themselves and their weapons, and the many monsters pledged to Chaos across the Realms. The Beastherd Ambush Battletrait lets them play unlike any other army.

Beasts of Chaos Strengths

  • A variety of playstyles means this army can mold itself to almost any general
  • Ambush is a powerful mechanic
  • Surprisingly powerful combat and magic heroes
  • The Herdstone

Beasts of Chaos Weaknesses

  • Not tough, without a huge wound pool, or reliable recursion mechanics means they are very fragile.

Signature Beasts of Chaos Rules

Battle Traits

  • Masters of the Wilderness/Beastherd Ambush– These two rules allow you to deploy units off board and set them up on the board edge during your movement phase.
  • Rituals of Ruin–  This set of once per turn effects are triggered off of Beasts of Chaos Heroes- even those off board!

Battle Formations

  • Marauding Brayherd– once per turn a Brayherd unit can change a charge die to a ‘4’.
  • Almighty Beastherd– add 1 to hit for attacks targeting an enemy unit contesting an objective you do not control.
  • Hungering Warherd– end of any turn a Warherd unit used a Fight ability they Heal(3).
  • Thunderscorn Stormherd– heal Thunderscorn unit and deal Mortal Wounds with lightning.

Featured Heroic Trait

  • Bestial Cunning– this rule allows three units that were set up from Ambush to move D3″- making for a potential 6″ charge on something like Bullgors.

Featured Artefact

  • Brayblast Trumpet– a sole source of recursion- get a fifty percent shot at bringing back a destroyed unit in every one of your movement phases.

Key Beasts of Chaos Units

You might not see all these units in the same army, but these are units that can’t be overlooked.


Dragon Ogre Shaggoth

An incredibly powerful hybrid caster hero that can lay down a withering hail of damage with his Storm-forged Axe. He’s a little low on wounds, but his healing Rampage easily offset that. He also has a helpful 4+ spell ignore aura.


Well worth taking in a single reinforced unit. Their Despoilers ability has real utility, sometimes dissuading an opponent from using All Out Defense for fear of giving the Bestigors extra attacks.

Great Bray-Shaman


Your primary spellcaster. He has some decent spells and a great buff that gives a friendly unit the ability to run and still Charge.


Some of the most devastating line infantry in the book, with a plethora of attacks.  They can ambush, and I assure you that will shatter almost anything you point them at.


The true murder cow (looking at you, Lumineth) this thing is an incredible force of destruction with a max damage output of 33. It can also swallow a model if it can roll above their Wounds characteristic on a d6, and will then Heal that same roll! Watch him ingest an enemy and laugh in monster.

Beasts of Chaos Sample Army

Battle Formation: Almighty Beastherd


Regiment 1
Doombull- Bestial Cunning
6* Bullgors
6* Bullgors

Regiment 2
Great Bray-Shaman- Brayblast Trumpet
20 Bestigors
10 Bestigors


How to Play Beasts of Chaos

Ambush with your hardest hitters but keep a few scary gents in play just in case. Try to find the balance between the three keywords, and take out shooters first. When all else fails, stay off the board as long as possible.

~Tear down their walls and standards!


Author: Allen Campbell
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