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Age of Sigmar: How to Play Fyreslayers

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Jul 3 2024

Today we look into the Fyreslayers and offer a few tips for leading an army of angry blacksmiths.

In the style of Ungrim Ironfist and the infamous Gotrek (though don’t ever compare them to his face), the Fyreslayers are a group of angry berserker dwarves so metal they hammer forge heated runes into their bodies and live in the heart of volcanos. They ride into battle on massive Salamanders or burst from the ground on thermal vents, bringing axes hot from the kiln to cleave their enemies or firing chunks of molten rock that rapidly cools around the legs of enemy monsters. So if you want to bring the raging heart of the mountain to bear against your opponent, here are some quick and dirty tips for running Fyreslayers.

Who Are the Fyreslayers?

The Fyreslayers are one of the two unique Duardin forces that exist in the Realms (the other being the sky-faring Kharadron Overlords), and they chose to follow the tenants of the god Grimnir, the god of battle. They wear little armor, if they wear any at all, instead relying on the runes hammered into their flesh and their natural constitution to shrug off wounds before responding with a fiery wrath. They are also master blacksmiths, and forge masterwork weapons that retain the heat of the forge indefinitely and draw their power from a series of powerful enchanted runes.

Grimnir, father of the Fyreslayers

Why Play Fyreslayers?

Fyreslayers are an army that favors aggression and is surprisingly resilient for a force of naked dwarves. They have a lot of cool special abilities in the form of prayers, they have a very cool fire motif, and you get to bring a glowing pizza oven to the battlefield. What’s not to love?


  • Powerful heroes that bring a lot of force multipliers to the battlefield
  • Duardin Resilience
  • Powerful prayers that your opponent can do nothing about
  • Every turn you get to activate a powerful rune that buffs your army for the turn.


  • You’re dwarves, so you won’t be winning any foot races.
  • Your shooting is a little subpar so you’re easy to navigate around.
  • You need your heroes alive, but you also need them in, or at least close, to combat.
  • While you have a large roster of heroes, your non-Hero choices are a bit lacking
  • Not beginner-friendly

Fyreslayers battleline

Signature Fyreslayers Rules

Battle Traits

  • Ur-gold Runes– five different once per battle abilities which impact your entire army.

Battle Formations

  • Warrior Kinband– Infantry get plus one to wound on the charge.
  • Forge Brethren– add one to save for Infantry in friendly territory.
  • Scales of Vulcatrix– add 2 health to all Magmadroths
  • Lords of the Lodge– Heroes get bonus to control scores.

Featured Heroic Trait

  • Ash-beard– become a Priest.

Featured Artefact

  • Droth Helm– Plus one to hit for companion profiles.

Key Fyreslayers Units

Fyreslayers are a small army, and their power comes from their heroes more than almost any other faction. Here are the top selections, and units you’ll almost always want to consider.


Auric Runefather on Magmadroth/ Auric Runefather

Your primary leader. He comes in the on-foot or mounted flavor. In the old days, you almost never wanted him on foot, but thanks to the Royal Retinue rule of the infantry variety, they’re worth considering. Of courseĀ Warrior Kings on the mounted version is an amazing once per game force multiplier.

Hearthguard Berserkers

The real muscle of the army. They can either take Broadaxes or Flamestrike Poleaxes, which have different Warscrolls. In addition, they have a 5+ ward save while within combat range of a friendly Fyreslayers hero, making them perfect as a retinue unit. They aren’t the auto-include they used to be, but they can’t be ignored.

Vulkite Berserkers


The most basic Fyreslayers unit, your army will almost always end up with some of these guys. They can go defensive or offensive with sling shields or paired axes.

Grimhold Exile

This Hero is the last surviving member of his group, and he is mad about it. His ability to stoke the fires and deliver a pile of mortal wounds to a large target like a Mega-Gargant is invaluable in the Fyreslayers army thank to Last of the Lodge-Fire.

Sample Army

Faction: Fyreslayers
-Battle Formation: Warrior Kinband

Regiment 1
Auric Runefather on Magmadroth *
– General
20 Vulkite Berserkers w/ Slingshields
10 Vulkite Berserkers w/ Slingshields
20 Vulkite Berserkers w/ Slingshields
20 Vulkite Berserkers w/ Slingshields

Regiment 2
Grimhold Exile
20 Vulkite Berserkers w/ Slingshields
10 Vulkite Berserkers w/ Slingshields


How to Play Fyreslayers

Fyreslayers want to be aggressive, getting into combat as soon as possible and staying there until the foe is dead. Try to pop your move rune early to hit the enemy objective holders and then just hammer on the pain. If you like aggression and want to remove entire units at a time, this is the army for you.

For Grimnir!

Author: Allen Campbell
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