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AoS: Good-Good! – A Clawlord’s Endorsement for “Skaventide”

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Jul 2 2024

As a huge fan of the Chaos Rat boys of Warhammer since day one, the new Aos Skaventide box set definitely has my squeak of approval.

Welcome in, Generals of the Realms! The time is almost upon us; Skaventide will be hitting shelves soon! While there’s plenty to be excited about for a new edition, I’m most excited for a little love for my rat warriors. The Skaven have been without a substantial update for quite some time, and what we’re getting in this box is perfection. If you’re a fan of the Under-Empire like me, there’s plenty to love in the brand-new box.

New War Machine

One of my favorite things about the Skaven has always been their steampunk pseudo-science. Whether they’re shooting bolts of green lightning across the field, firing irradiated bullets from their oversized rifles, or running over the opposition in a literal exercise wheel, there’s no shortage of hilarious machines. Now, we have an incredible new multi-barreled war machine in the Ratling Warpblaster. Essentially an oversized version of the Ratling Gun, this is a Warlock Engineers dream and your enemy’s nightmare. I can’t wait to field one of these and watch it take out a regiment before exploding.

Updated Clanrats

Every good Clawlord knows that the backbone of any good Skaven line is the disposable legions of Clanrats. Even Skryre needs test subjects, and these new Clanrats are incredible. The detail and individuality of these verminous warriors is perfect to represent the endless legions pouring out of the Under-Empire. I can’t wait to see massive blobs of these charging over their opponents. When you have this many soldiers, what’s a few hundred casualties here and there?

The Whole Package

In truth, though, it’s hard to pick just a few things that are great about this box. You get two full armies, the rulebook for the main game, the rulebook for a smaller skirmish game, and tons of terrain. There’s truly so much incredible stuff in this box, and it’s well worth the value. If you’re a Skaven or Stormcast player, or you know one, this is definitely a box to get. My advice is to find someone to split it with and go half and half.

Author: Clint Lienau
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