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AoS – Three Things I’m Excited to Do in 4.0

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Jul 9 2024

The new edition of Age of Sigmar is almost upon us, and there are many reasons to love the fourth iteration of this incredible game.

Welcome in, Generals of the Realms! We’re just a few short days from the release of Skaventide and a brand-new edition of Age of Sigmar. While I was initially skeptical (it hurt to get a FEC book and then immediately lose it), I’ve definitely come around to 4.0. It feels more immersive, well-balanced, and easier to pick up. What it lacks in complexity, it makes up for in ease of use and overall fun. I’m excited about everything about the new edition, but there are a few things I truly can’t wait for.

Playing a Game of Spearhead

As much fun as AoS proper is, the amount that you need to play a full 2k game can be a bit daunting. Thankfully, Spearhead lets you get all the blood and glory of a regular game with less of the commitment. Designed to be played over a lunch break, this smaller version of the game is perfect for new players or those short of time. While Spearhead existed already, 4.0 seems to have perfected the rules. I can’t wait to roll out a few games in a single visit with my playgroup.

Set Shields Against an Enemy Charge

In an effort to make the game more engaging, GW has added actions that can be done on either turn. While your opponent is charging in to smash your favorite infantry, you can counter with a shield bash, retreat, or even counter-charge! The Ossiarch Bonereapers, in particular, are amazing at this. With their unique abilities they’re just as deadly on the defense as the attack! Of course, I’m a sneaky Skaven player, so there’s one thing I’m super looking to do.

Fire the Ratling Warpblaster

I have been a fan of Clans Skryre and Eshin since the first Skaven book I bought back in 2004, and the new machines are a special gift. The massive Warpblaster is the perfect new addition to my arsenal of verminous vehicles, and I can’t wait to unleash it on my unsuspecting opponents. Whatever happens, it will please-please the Horned Rat!

What are you most excited for in 4.0?

Author: Clint Lienau
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