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Kickstarter Highlights; ‘The 55,’ ‘Rise of the Wastelands,’ and More

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Jul 3 2024

This week’s Kickstarter highlights includes mountain climbing, a fight fort the post apocalyptic wastes, some 5E supplements, and more.

Come check out this week’s batch of crowdfunding and Kickstarter highlights – including board games, RPGs, and STLs!

The 55 – A Supplement for CY_BORG and Cyberpunk


THE 55 is the result of the #dungeon23 challenge from last year. Everyday I wrote a new location or NPC, filling each page with 8-20 features like monsters, secret passages between floors, and factions looking to carve out space for themselves.

THE 55 will be a 28 page 5.5×8.5 inch full colour zine. It will include new d66 tables for corporate NPC’s to avoid or kidnap, personality cults, rabid MMORPG fans, and gangs of local activists, all to inspire your own cyberpunk worlds.

Peaks– A Mountaineer Hiking Board Game


You are an aspiring mountaineer, seeking to climb the most iconic mountains from around the world! So, get your cardio up, gain some experience, gather your gear, and bring some friends along as you venture to climb the world’s tallest mountains!

Iliad and Ichor– Two Player Strategy Game


Ilid and Ichor are the first two titles in the Mythos Collection – a deluxe line of 2 player titles by Bitewing Games featuring strategy and mythology. Iliad is a tile-placement strategy game for 2 players featuring powerful tile abilities and diverging victory objectives. Ichor is an asymmetric strategy game for 2 players featuring unique character powers and infinite setup variety.

Rise of the Wastelands– A post apocalyptic game of survivors fighting to rule the Wastelands.


At the end of this century a rain of meteors hit the Earth, completely changing the landscape, killing he majority of people, and destroying almost all signs of civilization. A few years after the impact, the remaining survivors started to gather in the ruins of cities where the effects f the meteors were less severe to try to rebuild what was left and start a new society.

Explore locations, scavenge precious resources, and rebuild your civilization. But remember, you won’t be alone on this quest! Your opponents will be vying for the same resources and territory, so conflict is inevitable.

Mausoleum – A Gothic 5E Location Guide

Welcome to Gravehallow! Where deals have a way of finding the power-hungry and foolish, where death isn’t feared, and the dead don’t always remain that way…

Though the city may seem peaceful on the surface, there is a danger, centuries in the making, that any adventurer worth their salt will want to stick their nose into… and in doing so will discover false identities, betrayals, devilish legions, and ancient deals with the supernatural that pose a deadly threat to the entire city.


The Beguiler – A Magical Trickster archetype for 5E

The beguiler is a 9th-level spellcaster for D&D 5th Edition, focusing on muddling the minds and perceptions of their foes.

The arcane trickster failed to fulfil the fantasy that it set out to do. The rogue, already having so much, an archetype could only do so little.

The Illusion and Enchantment Wizards can perform the job well, but must focus on one or the other, and then prepare everything but, because of the need for massive damage.

The bard also seems like a good candidate to get a subclass dedicated to this sort of thing, but the bar, much like the rogue, is too busy being everything.

So, seeing all paths leading nowhere, the only conclusion is to make a whole new class.


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