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Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Asgardian Character Pack Up Close

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Jul 3 2024

The new Marvel: Crisis Protocol Character pack is in the house and we’ve got an up close look at the miniatures. The Asgardians are assembled!

Thor Odinson and Might Thor are ready to drop the hammer with the help of Loki, Prince of Lies, and Lady Sif in the new Asgardian Character Pack. I took a deeper look at the rules preview yesterday and today we’re going to take a closer look at the models. Thanks to AMG for sending us a review copy!

Might Thor, Lady Sif, Thor, Hero of Midgard & Loki, Prince of Lies

Kicking things off, here’s all the contents. As with the new MPC character packs you’ve got the miniatures (duh) and all the stat cards and team tactic cards. This being the new style you’ve got play sets in the box for all the supported languages. I’m starting to build up quite a collection of these multi-language cards and think I might want to learn to play in a different language. But for the purposes of this review I’ll stick to English.

You’ve got all four character cards as well as the five team tactics cards for this set. And yes, you’re seeing that correctly — if you took all four of these characters in the box you’d have a 20 threat level team right off the bat!

As far as the miniatures themselves they each come on a sprue and assembling them is fairly straightforward. I will say the trickiest one to build for me was Might Thor. Jane Foster has a really neat base and the lightning bolts coming off are really cool — but getting the lightning and her position correct was a challenge. I highly recommend you dry fit her and the lightning to the base or at least get an idea of where it all goes before you add glue. It’s DOES fit as you can see in the images below.


Mighty Thor

As I mentioned above, this was the trickiest one to build. That said, none of these minis are particularly tough to assemble. And I really enjoyed getting them all built. I really like this sculpt for Mighty Thor. Jane is powerful and imposing and this pose has her literally about to bring down the hammer. I’m a fan!

Lady Sif

Lady Sif might be underrated in the eyes of many casual fans. That’s a shame because she’s a neat character. Anyhow, this pose is a classic “power pose” for a sword wielding character. I was certainly getting some old school D&D barbarian vibes. Now that I type that I’m thinking if I could use this mini in my next D&D campaign. And why not — that’s part of the fun of collecting a bunch of awesome minis, right? But yes, Lady Sif is another great mini in this set.

Thor, Hero of Midgard


Here’s the big man himself. Seriously, Thor’s size 3, check the card! He’s also on a larger base (which is a 50mm one). But that’s perfect for this pose. It’s a little hard to tell but he’s actually supported by the lightning shooting off the base, which itself is connected via some rubble. It’s a similar thing to the Mighty Thor pose, only this one has Thor at more of an angle. Additionally, there’s a different style Mjolnir (some spellings have it as Mjollnir or Mjölnir or even the Old Norse Mjǫllnir — however you want to spell it, Thor’s Hammer is awesome). The second (or third version if you count Might Thor’s version) has a more comic book “swoosh” accent sculpted on. I left that of but I was wondering if I could repurpose that for something else. That said, I really can’t wait to get Thor, Hero of Midgard on the board because he’s a powerhouse.

Loki, Prince of Lies

Oh man this is classic Loki and I’m her for it. I was a little surprised at the features of this Loki once I got my hands on it up close. The legs have part of his loin cloth/belt attached to them and his boots and shoulders have some really distinct designs with half-circles cut out of them. I also liked his trident and how it’s got a little nook on the base for it to sit. Also, I like that he’s got some magical lightning on him, too. Sure, it’s not THOR lightning…but it’s a cool effect nonetheless. It’s a great throwback to classic Loki from the comics.

This pack is currently up for pre-order from Asmodee and has a release date of August 2, 2024.

Jane Foster arrives in Marvel: Crisis Protocol as “The Mighty Thor,” empowered by the magical hammer, Mjolnir. She is joined by master swordswoman Lady Sif, Thor, Hero of Midgard, and Loki, Prince of Lies! All four miniatures bring new opportunities for hobbyists and players to engage with new sculpts and new characters with new rules to include in their games.

The Asgardians are a potent faction with some really heavy hitters. If you’re looking to kickstart your collection/affiliation this pack is for you. Plus, they are such an elite set of miniatures you really don’t need a ton of them to run a real mean squad in Marvel: Crisis Protocol!



Bring the Hammer DOWN!

Author: Adam Harrison
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