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Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Updated Spider-Foes Cards

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Jul 4 2024

Atomic Mass Games releases two updates to Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus cards for Marvel: Crisis Protocol. Send in the Spider-Foes!

Alright you true believers out there AMG dropped some updates on us. If you were playing with Green Goblin and/or Doc Ock in your lists then here’s a new spin on these classic villains. They aren’t that much different than their previous versions but they are different.

Mostly, there was just some language that was cleaned up. In particular the Oscorp Weaponry leadership ability for the Green Goblin was re-written to be a bit more clear. For Doctor Octopus, his Scientific Hubris was re-written as well.

via Atomic Mass Games

Green Goblin Stat Card Update

It’s worth noting that the Green Goblins still has a shift in his defensive stats from healthy to injured. He still swaps out Hit and Run for Glider Ram as well. And finally he loses his Trick or Treat ability for Unstable Psyche. Again, nothing that major but there are some updates to the wording to make these abilities read a bit easier.

Doctor Octopus Stat Cards Update

Doctor Octopus does gain a stamina on this injured side. But for the most part, this card is basically the same. Except for the wording change of Scientific Hubris which was mentioned above. Again, nothing too crazy here but an update/errata is still a change!


These characters are currently available in the Spider-Foes boxed set. They are joined by Kraven the Hunter and Lizard. If you’re a fan of Spider-man’s enemies then this one is for you!

Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Spider-Foes Affiliation Pack $59.99

Players can begin assembling their own team of sinister Spider-Foes with this new Affiliation Pack for Marvel: Crisis Protocol! The Spider-Foes Affiliation Pack brings together the Green Goblin originally found in CP21, the Doctor Octopus originally found in the Marvel: Crisis Protocol Core Set along with the Kraven the Hunter and the Lizard originally found in CP58 in one convenient package to give players the characters that will form the foundation of their Spider-Foes rosters. These characters are accompanied by stat cards for all four characters, ensuring players have everything they need to use their Spider-Foes in Marvel: Crisis Protocol.

We also did an unboxing and took a closer look at the contents if you’re interested in seeing exactly what you’re getting.



Are things getting Sinister here? I think so…

Author: Adam Harrison
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