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MTG: Prepare for Adventure in Bloomburrow!

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Jul 9 2024

Brave Elemental Beasts and create an adorable adventuring party in the brand new set for Magic: the Gathering!

Welcome in, Praetors, Planeswalkers, and noble warriors of the woodlands! Magic is back with another exciting set, and I have to be honest, it’s the coolest one so far! If you were a fan of Redwall, Secret of Nihm, or Mouse Guard growing up, then Bloomburrow will be right up your alley.

This set takes us to Three Tree City, where brave woodland heroes must battle elemental beasts as they unravel the mystery of the vicious creatures. You might even see some familiar faces, though they won’t look how you remember. Are you brave enough to stand with Mabel and her friends against the oncoming storm?

Fantastic Beasts

In Bloomburrow, there are cataclysmic forces that take the form of predatory beasts. When these creatures, like the owl Maha, are unleashed, it’s up to the brave warriors of Three Tree City to hold them off. But why are the beasts attacking now? Could it be that the mysterious disappearance of Maha’s egg was…a devious plot? You’ll have to stay tuned to find out!

Brave Heroes

It’s up to the brave woodland warriors to stand against the oncoming tide that threatens their home. Heroes like Mabel the Mouse, Bria the Otter, Finneas the Rabbit, and Muerra the Raccoon must band together to protect their home from certain doom. But they won’t be alone; creatures of all shapes and sizes, from Squirrels and Bats to Rats and even Storks, will join you as you venture across Bloomburrow. But be careful; not all the denizens of Bloomburrow are to be trusted. Something sinister lurks around the placid water of the nearby lake.

Familiar Faces

There are no humans on Bloomburrow, including Planeswalkers. When a Ral Zarek finds his way there, he finds his buddy a bit…hairy than he last remembered. As an expert in the lightning magic of Red and Blue mana, an Otter form fits Ral well. However, he won’t be alone on Bloomburrow. More familiar faces will find their way here in time, though perhaps not in a form you recognize.

All these cards and more will be available when Bloomburrow officially drops on August 2nd. However, if you can’t wait to secure your copies, you can preorder them on Amazon, TCGPlayer, or at your favorite FLGS.

For more information and to watch the debut stream, check out WeeklyMTG.

Will you be picking up the new set?


Author: Clint Lienau
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