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‘Phantasy Star’ comes to the Tabletop with new RPG in the Works

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Jul 8 2024

Beloved video game series Phantasy Star has a new tabletop game in the works from developer Skydawn Studios.

This past weekend, Skydawn Game Studios announced a new RPG in the works, an adaptation of the beloved SEGA RPG series Phantasy Star. The sci-fi RPG franchise has been kicking since the late 80s, going through single-player iterations aplenty, but I would wager most of us are familiar with the franchise from Phantasy Star Online or its sequel, Phantasy Star Online 2.

Either way, the world of spaceships, androids, Mags, and a sentient, active embodiment of evil known as Dark Falz (or Dark Force, depending) will soon be at a tabletop near you, according to Skydawn.

Phantasy Star RPG in the Works

Per the announcement from Skydawn Games, the new RPG is currently in development, with a release expected in 2025. But it seems as though something is planned for August 15, 2024, for those who subscribe to Skydawn’s newsletter.

The Phantasy Star Tabletop RPG is a cooperative, storytelling game where you and your friends take on the roles of heroic protagonists in a boundless universe based on the popular Phantasy Star video game series.

Gather your party of galactic heroes and embark on quests to explore and safeguard the galaxy from cosmic threats, tyrannical empires, and ancient evils.

As for how the game will work, arguably the most important question, the answer is one that is ultimately familiar: 5E D&D by way of a sci-fi adaptation. Skydawn has said the game will use the Esper Genesis rules system. And if that name sounds familiar, that’s because they’ve been around since the earlier days of 5th Edition. Back in 2017, the rules made a sci-fi splash and have endured the big OGL saga debacle and everything. You can check out the core rules here, if you’re curious.

But, naturally, there will be some Phantasy Star Phlair. Er. Flair:

Build a diverse cast of characters using your favorite archetypes such as Hunters, Rangers, Mystics, and more. Forge a hero of your own design or play legendary personas such as Alis Landale, Rolf, Lutz, or Chaz Ashley.

All of these can be found out as we get closer to 2025.


Author: J.R. Zambrano
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