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These Necron JoyToy Figures Are Almost Sold Out! Grab Them Before They’re Gone

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Jul 3 2024
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Take back the galaxy that was once yours with these impressive Necron figures from JoyToy, before they’re gone for who knows how long!

Sautekh Dynasty Immortal with Gauss Blaster

This 4.4-inch scale replica with a fully poseable head, arms, and legs can really show off one of the staple firearms of the Necrons. The Gauss Blaster reduces its targets down to the molecular level, so be careful who you point it at.

Szarekhan Dynasty Overlord

Szarekh himself would be in awe of this Overlord figure wielding Hyperphase Glaive, with an impressive 6″ reach. Your tombworld will tremble before this figure’s might!

Sautekh Dynasty Deathmark

This 1:18 scale Necron Deathmark figure has got you in its sights, and once you’re marked, there is no escape. You will be taking shots from their Synaptic Disintegrators until there is nothing left.

Szarekhan Dynasty Tesla Carbine

When a Necron warrior is feeling the spark of inspiration, they swap out for the electric Tesla Carbine. This lightning cannon sears flesh and melts armor, perfect for your next barbeque.

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Author: Matt Sall
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