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Don’t Sleep on D&D’s ‘The Yawning Portal’ Board Game — Now Almost 60% Off

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Jul 8 2024

As an innkeeper of The Yawning Portal, make sure adventurers fly in through your doors, and crawl out on all fours to be the best innkeeper in town.

Everyone loves an innkeeper. They keep the best and mightiest heroes well-fed and well-slept. But The Yawning Portal is no mere inn, it’s the hub of adventuring in Waterdeep. As an innkeeper, it’s your job to make sure your patrons get exactly what food and drink they need.

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The Yawning Portal Overview

In The Yawning Portal, players compete to earn the favor of the patrons of the innfamous tavern by matching the wants of those patrons to the food and drink being delivered. Like a slightly less chaotic PlateUp!

As patrons roll in, they will have their order at the top of their card, as well as a one-time effect that triggers as soon as they are seated. It’s up to the players to seat that patron and use the action tiles to serve food on the tables and get it into the right spot.

Like if Wordle was food, players score points only if the correct food is in the correct spot. However, these adventurers offer big bonuses to the innkeeper who can give them their whole order, exactly how they ordered it.

Throughout the game, there are objective cards that offer points to whichever player can grab them up first by turning in the appropriate collection of gems.

Once the table is filled end to end with food, the game ends and players count up their points to determine who’s the best innkeeper in town.

The Yawning Portal might seem like a simple and straightforward premise. But it quickly becomes a chaotic tussle of stealing food, drinks, and customers from one another. The added solo mode lets one player face off against the rest of the staff. So, check it out yourself and see who really deserves Employee of the Month.

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Author: Matt Sall
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