BoLS Update:

1) The move is over. Keep a sharp eye out, and if anything seems wonky, email us at belloflostsouls@gmail and let us know.

2)”Where are all the comments?” The DISQUS comments are perfectly safe, and we are working with DISQUS to get them re-synched with thier old posts. They will be back very soon. All new posts since Saturday are fine and you can comment away.

3) If anyone has old links or banners on your sites that point to please take a couple of minutes to redirect them to It would mean a lot to us, really!

Hi guys.

We will be moving to this weekend, so there may be some little hickups along the way. Everything is being forwarded from our old .blogspot url, so all of our backlinks will be fine. You should redirect automatically.

We will see you on the other side, with all sorts of cool stuff planned for our new home.

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