40K SNEAK PEEK: More Forgeworld Pics

Hi guys, here is some more info and pics that have been trickling in since this weekend’s Forgeworld Open Day 2009: courtesy of Alex Garbett, Matt, and Angel

Nurgle Blight Drone: 125 Points
Fast, Skimmer
Front:12 Side:11 Rear:10

Maw Cannon
-Vomit: S:6 AP:4 Assault 1, Template
-Phlegm: 36″ S:8 AP:4 Assault 1, Large Blast

Reaper Autocannon: 36″ S:7 AP:4 Heavy 2, Twin-linked

Special Rule
Treat all Destroyed “Wrecked” results as Destroyed “Explode”

Reaver Melta-Cannon and Powerfist Pics

Khorne Daemon Prince Pic

~Not to bad, all in all. I think those Blight Drones might be a lot of fun as harassment packs of exploding goodness. I can’t wait for Siege of Vraks:3

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