40K TACTICS: Damned Fine Models…

By now you’ve seen the pictures from Gamesday Italy. The Legion of the Damned are beautiful, so I want them, now how do I use them effectively? They’ll be pretty good if I know I’m facing Khorne Chaos Daemons or Deathwing, but other than those cases, they’re generally overcosted and don’t have the ability to earn their keep. Nevertheless, if I like models I’ll play with them (hence the Possessed in my Chaos Space Marines), so here are the ways I’m going to try to use them. I am not recommending Legion of the Damned for anyone trying to build the best possible force, (unless you define best in terms of model appearance).

First, I think the loadout has to be Melta, Multimelta, and Powerfist Sergeant. A unit of 8 with that loadout comes in at the same cost as 8 Assault Terminators, so not much chance they’re the best bargain available…

#1 Deepstriking Melta and Multimelta. More expensive than Sternguard in a Drop Pod, but they are one fewer kill point and more survivable to heavy weapons fire. Yes, a pair of Landspeeders is probably better than either choice, but this is not about optimization.

#2 Retinue for a Gate of Infinity Librarian. The Librarian can either be in Terminator Armor or have a jump pack. Armed with the Melta and Multimelta, you can pop around blasting tanks to your heart’s content.

#3 Battlewagon Police. With their rerollable scatter, it’s pretty safe to drop them exactly where you want, and even safer if you have a couple of Drop Pods with Locator Beacons.

#4 Guard Vehicle Park Busters. Dropping these guys away from the infantrymen in a Guard Wall of Steel can reap some good rewards, I hope.

~Those are my ideas for how to use these great looking models; I’d love to hear what you guys come up with. This isn’t about the Legion of the Damned being the most hardcore unit available (they aren’t). Its about making lemonade when you’ve been handed lemons. The floor is yours Generals.

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