VOTING: BoLS Tyranid Challenge Finalists!

The Tervigons and Tyrannofexes have clawed their way to us, the crowd has gathered, paintbrushes and greenstuff has dried, and it is time to vote!

I have to say I am blown away by the BoLS community.  You guys had two weeks to make a Tervigon/Tyrannofex (over 90% chose Tervigons) convert it, paint it up, shoot photos of it and submit it.  We recieved well over 50 entries and narrowing it down to 10 finalists was very difficult.  We chose the finalists based on a combination of creativity, painting, and conversion skill.

I wish every finalist the best of luck, and a giant thank you to each and every entrant.  You are all great!  Without further ado, our 10 finalists presented in a random order.  The creator’s are named BELOW the photos, when it comes time to select your favorite. 

Jason Hendricks
Royce Peterson
Matthew Smith
Aduro Terrarum
Kjell Hallbing
Simon Schnitzler
Philip Henderson
Christopher Fisher
Aaron Bailey

~Let’s get voting (down below)! By all means comments and questions are welcome.  All you proud finalists done be shy about talking about your entries and answering questions.  Lets see who takes home the Trygon!

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