40K: Space Marine Dreadwall List

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Fritz here with a sneak peek of a fun Mechanicus themed list I’ve been playing around with…

Dreadnoughts! Dreadnoughts! I love dreadnoughts and I want to run a full list of them walking and blowing stuff up! Currently the generic (Ultramarine?) codex does this best. Onto the list and the tactics, along with the nuts and bolts of the how and why.

HQ: Master of the Forge w/ conversion beamer

We need an HQ choice for the standard force org and his job is to just unlock the ability to take dreads as both heavy and elites, while the conversion beamer gives him something long range to shoot so he isn’t just standing around- support of the advancing dread wall is going to be key.

Elites/Heavy: 6 Ironclad Dreadnoughts W/ 2 HK Missiles

Troops: Tactical Squads W/ TL-Las Razorback + HK Missile (As many as you can fit)

Tactics? Pretty simple- think of a wall of advancing iron robots. Ram those Ironclads right down your opponent’s throat. The army is broken up into two groups- the dreads advancing who are there to destroy stuff, and the Razorbacks/marines who sit back shooting and support the dreads followed by securing mission objectives mid to late game. The dreadnoughts create the opportunity for them to do this.

In a dreadwall list Ironclads win over regular dreads hands down each and every time for the simple reason on AV 12 vs. AV 13 is a huge difference over the course of the game, especially in the assault, and you want to be assaulting with your dreads. The AV 13 also allows you to potentially survive the first turn if it is taken from you. Optimally you want to take first turn and set up. Place your dreads as far forward center line as they can – controlling the center is going to be key, with Razorbacks on the back edge. If you can get the dreads in cover then do so, if not, then build a pyramid like structure with one in the front and chain the rest behind for cover saves. Likewise if there is cover for only one or two, get them in cover and chain the rest. If your opponent sets up you advance the dreads center and open fire with the lascannons and HK’s…

In a 1750 list that is around 17 HK’s, 5 twin linked lascannon shots, and a conversion beamer- remember the HK’s have unlimited range. Next turn you move, pop smoke, and run. Close in and tear stuff up. If your opponent reserves everything then you have a free turn of movement – move, smoke, run, and then next turn light off the missiles. Tactically your dreads are slow even with the run, so moving from the center is key, and bunching up objectives in placement missions is also important. Drawing your opponent into the dread wall is just as important as moving towards them. Keep in mind that assault can also be used to not only take out your unit, but lock the dreads to protect them from a turn of shooting, mastering this concept will also help with the delivery system of them.

As a final note, while it is tempting to pod the dreads in, that list will fail…trust me.

You need to spend the maximum points on dreads, Razorbacks, and HK’s. Pods give up kill points, and are subject to scatter and reserve rules. You need to have the presence of six dreads on the table moving and working as a single unit.

So who’s run the dread wall or faced off against it? Comments and thoughts on all-walker hordes in general?

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