40K RUMORS: 6th Edition Starter Boxed Set

75hastings69 has been one of the longest steady reliable rumormongers in the community.  Here is what he has to say about the Warhammer 40,000 6th boxed set…

via warseer (hastings in red italics)

…which will give some credibility to the rumor of the 6th ED starter being DA vs Chaos

Interesting 🙂

Fingers crossed… DA’s and CSM.

Not “just” CSM 🙂

Demons too?

No 🙂

Cultists / Traitor Guardsmen perhaps?


Glad to see you back in rumor-mongery, Hastings.

Not back in, just lending credence to this as I know it’s correct.

No, there are rumors that may be complete fabrications about BT, Tau, Eldar, and Chaos. Strangers on the net don’t trump White Dwarf.

Agreed (etc. etc.)

I wouldn’t think that these are the entirety of this year’s possible releases – books perhaps, but I’d be surprised if there weren’t one or two waves.

Correct (ish) 🙂

I don’t know if the spine images are anything to do with DA, 6th starter or the 25th year of 40k but I do know that most of the stuff posted is correct. 6th starter does indeed feature DA and the forces of chaos, including a nice plastic chaos dread 🙂
I’m also willing to add (and you’ll need to forgive my weak 40k fu here) that the CSM in the starter are Chosen? (hope that’s the right name – 40k really isn’t my thing!!)

~So, long story short – look for Dark Angels vs a mixed Chaos-ish force including a plastic Chaos Dreadnought.  This is further corroboration of the BoK 2012 Schedule reports here.  Have at it.

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