40K RUMORS: Door #1, #2, or #3?

Don’t you just hate competing rumors?  Two “new” branches of the rumormill tree just shot up in the last three days.  Here’s what the rumormongers are saying for the next codex:

1) Chaos Legions is next –
PROS: codices are said to back from printers, minis are done, matches the power-armor / non power armor release pattern
CONS: GW’s desire to wait till after 6th launches to put out such an important and awaited book and mini range.

2) Tau is next –
PROS: last major ancient un-updated codex from 4th, minis are done, and on ice for months, no word on codex
CONS: Surprise rumor coming out of nowhere, would be 2 xenos in a row for codex releases

3) Dark Angels are next-

PROS: older codex in need of an update, DA minis seen in the new starter painting sets, matches the power-armor / non power armor release pattern
CONS: Yet another marine variant, with low interest compared to the other contenders, after 6 months of no new 40K codices.

The “conventional wisdom” (a whole 2 months old) of Chaos being next happened after a hoaxster from early in the year admitted feeding a bunch of bull regarding upcoming Tau Empire rules.  Before that happened, and for several months before that incident, the conventional wisdom had Tau as the last codex of 5th Edition.  Dark Angels were the fallback as the “low-risk quick update” if GW just wanted to get something easy out the door to fill space before 6th.

With Necrons getting their massive release in May, we should all know in just a few weeks.  Gentlemen, place your bets.  We will be running some of these rumors down in the days ahead to see which ones really hold water.

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