The Verge: Tries Warhammer 40k – Fails…

I’m just gonna leave this here and let the BoLS 1st Airborne Flying Monkey Division does what you all do best.

First the article in question:

 – Paul Miller

And some of the juicy pullquotes:

Originally, I figured I’d replace StarCraft withWarhammer 40,000, a tabletop wargame with aliens and space marines doing battle — in fact, much of StarCraft’s lore was ripped directly from Warhammer….

The problem with Warhammer is that it’s insane. Matches take days to unfold, especially once you get up to the recommended number of troops…

The final nail in the Warhammer coffin is that it’s more than a game — it’s a hobby. I had a hobby, with a capital H, once upon a time. Model trains.

Go read the whole thing and…

~Fly my pretties, FLY!!!

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