Privateer Press: New Releases Unboxed!

Look at all the brand new Privateer Press goodies.  Let’s take a look inside!

First up are the Tempest Blazers.  Inside the box you’ll find a sack of plastic horses and a tray full of gun mages.

Here are all the horses.  

Here’s a close up of one of those horses. If you look closely you’ll notice this is definitely a stallion.

Here are the Gun Mages.

And here’s a close-up of the unit leader.

Moving on, we have the new box of plastic Storm Blades. These new plastics will save Cygnar players almost $30.  The cost of the old metal unit box, plus the three weapon attachments which were sold separately came to roughly $79.  Now you can get it all nine models for a nice even $50.  And yes, the weapon attachments are totally worth owning.

 Here are all the bits. The lack of instructions is a little daunting, but most of the pieces can be easily dry-fit together with the little pegs they all have. I suspect it won’t take veteran modellers too long to figure out where everything goes.

 And here’s a close-up.  I’m really pleased with the level of detail here.  The rivets on the armor are nice and sharp.  Unfortunately there are still a lot of mold lines.

Up next we’ve got another popular unit recast in plastic. Like the Stormblade box, these guys offer some big savings.  The metal winterguard used to cost a combined $72 for the unit box, two additional blisters of troopers and 3 blisters of Rocketeers. That means this $50 box will save you $22.  And seeing how I can’t recall ever seeing a Khador player field anything less than a full-sized Winter Guard Death Star, this box also offers convenience.  Now instead of tracking down six separate products you can just buy one box. Of course you’ll still have to buy the officer and Standard bearer separately.

Here’s a look at all the pieces.  


And some close-ups.

If you’ve been wanting to start a Retribution army here’s your excuse: $79 bucks worth of minis now available in a $50 box. Of course, you will only get a Manticore Heavy Myrmidon with this box, as opposed to the weapons for three different ones if you buy the Heavy Myrmidon kit separately.  It’s still a great deal.

Here are all the pieces.

And a close-up. I think this resculpt of Kaelyssa is a real improvement over the old one. Kaelyssa was the only Ret warcaster I didn’t really like the appearance of. But I think this new one looks great.
 It’s a brand new unit for Skorne! But these Incindiarii also herald something cool for Skorne players new and old: plastic Cataphract resculpts. As you can see, a switch to plastic won’t stop Skorne from having a ton of bits. Like the rest of the new plastics, this kit also offers a good deal of savings.  Both of Skorne’s Cataphract units were previously pretty pricey and I rarely saw them on the table. Now you can grab this full Cataphract unit for an even $50. Compare this to the previous price of $55 for a minimum unit. Of course $55 is still what you’ll have to pay for the resculpted Arcuarii and Cetrati (the other two cataphract units in case you didn’t know). I’m not sure why they cost an extra five bucks but you’re still getting two free minis when compared to the old price.  

Here’s a close-up. I think that incredibly ornate Skorne armor has made the transition to plastic pretty well.

Alright time to leave plastic behind.  Our last three new releases are done the old fashioned way: metal.

Here’s Morvanna and her new goat friend.

He’s actually a bit small when compared to some of the other cavalry models. I wonder why Kreoss was in a blister and Morvanna gets a box? Menoth is offended!

And here’s the guy I’m most excited about: Midas. You can see he’s a nice big imposing pig man. I love his sculpt and overall design, and I’m already wondering what other models that bucket of organs bit would look good on.

And last but not least, it’s the Skorne Mortitheurge Willbreaker. He’s a great sculpt, like so many other Skorne models. But as a non-Skorne player I’m frankly offended he exists. Skorne does not need ancillary attack. Ancillary attack is for Vassalls only. I mean I guess we’ll let Targ have it since thornfall can use all the help they can get. But Skorne? Go! Sic em’ Vassal! While he’s unassembled and helpless!
Hope you enjoyed looking at all the pictures! More Gargantuans coverage is coming soon.

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