Warmachine: Convergence Unboxed

Convergence will be hitting store shelves everywhere very soon. Here’s what you’ll find when you open these new releases.

First the Battlegroup.

As usual it also comes with Quickstart Rules and a mini No Quarter.

Here are all the bits laid out.

Here is Syntherion, likely most Convergence player’s first warcaster. He is a complicated little guy.

Here’s a close-up of one of his arms showing all the clockwork parts.

Another close-up of some of his strange little gizmos.

These are our two light vectors.

Here’s the head from the Galvanizer.

And the Mitigator.

Here are some bits close-ups. The saw belongs to the Galvanizer while the thing on the bottom is the Razor-Bola launcher for the Mitigator. At the top is one of their knee-pads.

Here’s a leg and some of the smaller arms.

I guess this is the hips. This bit is going to need some serious cleaning.

And now here is our Heavy Vector. 

It’s your typical bag of bits.

Here are all the bits. This kit and the heavy from the Battlegroup are basically the same. The difference is that this box has the pieces to allow you to construct one of three different warjacks. The Battlegroup only comes with the pieces to build a Cipher.

And speaking of the Cipher, these are its weapons.

These are for the Monitor.

And these are for the Inverter.

Here are all the heads. From top to bottom we’re looking at the Inverter, Monitor and Cipher. Yes the Cipher has a gun stuck in its face.

Here’s a torso sporting the Maiden of the Gears.

The back half of the torso sporting a lot of actual gears.

The carapace.

And a close-up of one of the legs.

Next we have the clockwork angels. These are definitely my favorites from the first batch of Convergence minis.

Here are all the bits.

One of the sets of wings.

A close-up of one of the troopers.

And the leader.

Lastly we have Aurora, Numen of Aerogenesis. She’s the other warcaster arriving for the convergence this month.

Once again we have all the bits.

A close up of the head.

And one of the wings.

And finally the body.

While I’ve tried to take enough pictures for everyone to make up their own minds, I have to admit to feeling like the plastic kits ended up a bit lacking. There are areas where all the gears and other clockwork details seem to be captured well, but in other parts they just aren’t as crisp as I’d like. While I’ve had no problem accepting the occasional bit of detail loss with a big clunky Protectorate or Khador jack, it’s a lot more telling on these very delicate parts. Although for tabletop quality these guys will still serve their purpose. And there will be a painting article featuring these models soon, so we’ll see if a good paint job can solve the issue. On the other hand I think Aurora and the Clockwork angels are some very well done kits and may be some of the nicest in the entire Warmachine range. While they do have a few areas with minor artifacts left behind by the 3D printing process, I don’t think they’ll be noticeable when painted.

~ Have at it folks!

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