And the Space Marine’s Best Unit Is…

The codex has only been with us for a few weeks but some winners are rising to the top.

Spamthulu asked such a simple question:

Most Codices have an auto include unit. What is the Space Marine Auto include?

Tau have the Riptide
Eldar have Wave Serpents
Tyranids have Tervigons
Chaos Marines have the Helturkey
Demons have the Flying Monstrous Creatures

Necrons have Croissants
IG have Manticores
On first glance I said “The Marine book is perfectly balanced – there are no auto-includes!” But after looking around for a few weeks, 5 units seem to have risen to to the top of the MASSIVE Space Marine unit list:
ChapterMaster on a Bike?  Why walk when you can RIDE?  W:4, T:5, A4, Artificier, Iron Halo, Orbital Bombardment just to start.  These guys are popping wheelies and wrecking face all over the table!  All the Terminator Chapter Masters get to sit this edition out on the dusty shelves.
Sternguard The ultimate toolbox unit was already good and now they are even better.  Various Chapter Tactics can enhance these dudes in a variety of useful ways, and they have the all the deployment options they need.  Chaos Cultists have nightmares of Dragonfire bolts and Aspect Warriors run for the hills when Kraken bolts are around.
Grav Centurions We may need Dave Taylor to help salvage the models, but a unit of Grav-cannon Centurions Devastators can turn almost any of the game’s big-bad units into confetti in a single shooting phase. they aren’t cheap, but just the fear of their weapons can intimidate opponents and hand you a win.
TH/SS Termies Sure the shiny new Centurions are getting all the “new kid” attention, but you probably already own ten or more of the meanest face-punchers out there.  Point them at the bad dude – apply hammer to forehead.  Job done. 
Thunderfire Cannon Funny, but I seem to remember a lot of people complaining about the Thunderfire over the last few years.  No one is doing that anymore.  While the model is still a horrid nightmare to assemble, you can do a LOT WORSE for 100 points than the utility-belt of round choices, and the blast sniping ability of those 4 beautiful templates.  The barrage is so welcome in 6th, and the you even get a free piece of enhanced cover to help the rest of your army.  Exactly why the subterranean shells can only hit the upper floors of ruins is a question best addressed to your Chapter’s Master of the Forge (or Robin Cruddace).

So did I miss any?  What are your “must includes” fellow Astartes? 

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