Review – Kromlech Armoured Orcs

Kromlech continues their release of squads with the Armoured Orc Squad.  Time to take a look!

Being a fan of all things orcy/orky it didn’t take me long to decide to order this new offering from Kromlech.  I’ve probably got just about everything they have released in my ever expanding ork horde so I couldn’t pass these blokes up.
In a similar design of their great coat orcs these models are single pose; meaning the legs and torsos are one piece.  I can only assume they do this to reduce the number of molds required and items required for each figure.  Its not a big deal but it would be nice to get the armoured legs for some other conversions.


The details on the bodies is really good.  They’ve got lots of  misc steel plates, straps etc. to give them the feel of thrown together armour.  You can get these guys equipped with slugga/choppa or shootas depending on what you are looking for.  Both look great in my opinion.

You are able to order the armoured arms separately which is nice.  I plan to order up a bunch to make another ard boy mob shortly.  Can you ever have too many ard boys?  The arms have lots or armour, wraps, etc to make them mesh with the bodies and heads for this squad.  I also love the weapons, some nice jagged blades, maul and the ever present choppa.

The figures come with armoured orc heads with face protectors in the form of big metal jaws.  They also come with a shoulder pad to add to their already armoured look.   The only think I don’t love about these figures are the faces.  They are not bad, they are quite good in fact, but I prefer the style with the big teeth jutting our of their mouths.  Luckily for me I can easily swap the heads out with some other Kromlech heads if I so choose.  The faces are good enough that I won’t bother with that though, but I do prefer the the faces of the other Kromlech orcs over these but its not a big issue for me.

The unit is led by a large orc boss, or nob as we call them in 40k.  He comes with a pistol and a nice menacing power fist.  I like that the power fist is more of a hand than a klaw.  Not that I have anything against the power klaw but its nice to see something different.  He’s got lots of nice detail just like the boys in the squad.

Here’s the assembled boys in all their glory.  Sufficiently armoured and ready for battle.

If you are looking to add an ard boys mob to your army or just want to throw in some variety I highly recommend these figures.  They do come with bases but I don’t use the regular bases so I didn’t include them in the pics.

What do you think, do you like the style of these armoured orcs?

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