Warmachine: New Warcaster Resculpts Unboxed

Warcaster Resculpt 000

Privateer Press has resculpted two of your favorite Warcasters for February. Oh and Zerkova too.


Let’s start with someone other than Cygnar for a change. Mercs rule!

Warcaster Resculpt 001

People have been crying for a resculpted Fiona the Black for ages now.

Warcaster Resculpt 002

Which is kind of funny because Werner Klocke sculpted the last one, and he’s such a popular sculptor he has his own miniatures line and wargame.

Warcaster Resculpt 003

Still, everyone has their off days, and it must have been on of these that he sculpted Fiona.
I find this version much improved, as I’m sure you do.


Ok, so maybe that Zerkova jab I made is a little out of line. I mean with Conquest for Watcher and Sylyss to help her with casting Zerkova can do pretty good now.

Warcaster Resculpt 004

You’ve played Butcher 3 enough right? You wanna try something different for a change don’t you? Bam: Zerkova.

Warcaster Resculpt 005

To any of you 40k players that might be reading this:
am I the only one who sees the basis for a really cool female Inquisitor here?

Warcaster Resculpt 006

Maybe just give her a slightly different back pack and you’re golden. Or maybe just play Warmachine instead.


Wait, you’re telling me this game has some sort of blue faction? Cygnar? Nope doesn’t ring any bells.

Warcaster Resculpt 007

Seriously though, I was a little surprised to see Siege resculpted. The old version was still pretty ok.

Warcaster Resculpt 008

But so was the old version of Butcher 1, and yet, much like Siege here, his resculpt looked awesome.

Warcaster Resculpt 009

Who doesn’t want a more action packed Siege?

~Hope you enjoyed the article. Which caster do you want to see resculpted next? I want a new Grissell1.

  • nonafel

    Good stuff. No mold lines, actually metal an not that bad plastic they enjoy getting people to buy and no visible defects. Now if they would give the rest of their stuff this treatment…

    • MeniteTom

      Looks like they’re largely sticking to metal for things like casters/solos. Makes sense unless they begin a major transition towards the good plastic which, based on the Transfinite Emergence Projector, wouldn’t be a bad thing.

  • zeno666

    Zerkova’s new sculpt is a lot better than the old one

  • Jay DeJarnett

    I may give Zerkova a try with the new sculpt. But then again I need to try Butcher3 too.

  • Joe D. Foster

    I wish PP would commit more to resculpting old releases. At least one release a month being a resculpt would be awesome. It’s not that all the old stuff is terrible – it’s just that most of the new stuff is so good it makes even good older models look bad in comparison.
    Anything pre-2010 is fair game I’d say. Probably a few post then too.