The DiRT – An Explosion of Infinity Images


Images galore.


I fully admit it.  I’m copping out for this article.  This week has been a crazy rough one.  I agreed to foster 3 puppies, and the oldest one Garth needs heart surgery.  If you have a dime, please send money to Hope Animal Rescue and put Garth in the notes.  So Instead of doing a deep dive into an Infinity rule set.  I’m here to just give you a feast for your eyes on Infinity stuff.  For those of you I did not politely request permission to post your photos….. please forgive me, you’ve done some amazing work.

Infinity Images


Scott Lunn‎ photo.  Making the best of a situation.  Scott’s waiting on a replacement leg for his Gecko… honestly, I’d leave it…. just makes the model look even like a bigger bad a##.


Photo by Mike Becker‎.  Van Zant has always been my personal favorite character.


Photo by Angus McNicholl.  Lots of Nomads I’m noticing this week.


Photo by E F Jung.  Note the detail to include the writing on the shotgun.  This model has named his Mir. Russian for peace. It also stands for меня исправит расстрел, which loosely translates to ‘only shooting will reform me’.


Christian Michaelis showing a board I totally want to play on some day.


Tohaa commission by Lyle‎.  Interesting color pallet.


Shasvastii coming out to play.  Photo by Jaakko Siitonen‎.


11134052_10153170354456745_940969180085764078_oMorats by Jason Des Roches‎.  I personally ove the harsh contrast of neon color.  Like they were pulled from a TRON Movie.

Longer Dirt Articles will begin again next week.  Thank you to everyone for understanding and extra thank yous to those who are contributing to Garth’s care.  Thank you.

  • Bush Craft

    Damn those morats are hot

  • V10_Rob

    Am I misunderstanding something? He built and painted and based a model with a missing leg, and plans to simply shoehorn it into place when the replacement arrives?


    • lykum

      Madness? THIS IS CORRIGIDOR!!