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Star Wars: The Galaxy’s Most Infamous Crime Slug; A Jabba The Hutt Breakdown

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Feb 1 2022

He may not have had the looks or the charisma or the respect, but if there’s a galactic crime, Jabba the Hutt was known for it.

The first thing to know about Jabba the Hutt, is that his full name is Jabba Desilijic Tiure. We shouldn’t be surprised that “the Hutt” isn’t his last name when it is his species. But there are just things you don’t think about too much and Jabbas full legal name isn’t often one of them.

Jabba the Hutt

Who is Jabba the Hutt?

Originally hailing from Nah Hutta, Jabba the Hutt came from the upper echelon of Hutt society. Not much is known about how he came to Tatooine or began his crim- lording there. But Jabba had several successful criminal enterprises centuries before the Galactic Civil War even began.


Gambling and smuggling spice and glitterstim were a large part of his enterprises. But he was also known for slave-trading, assassinations, and good old fashion piracy.

At some point his affiliation with the Crymorah syndicate helped him earn a position on the Grand Hutt Council. Eventually, this power would help him move his smuggling network throughout the galaxy.

And as many people with too many credits sometimes do, Jabba got into professional sports ownership. He began presiding over the local Podracing circuit.

Controlling the gambling and concessions were an easy way to make some extra money. But Jabba didn’t care for the sport itself. He’d often fall asleep during races, only caring about the bets he had placed on the racers.

Of course, one of these racers was the young Anakin Skywalker, who won  his race against all odds. Jabba, of course, slept through the historic victory.


Jabba the Hutt

Hutt Family Drama

Jabba’s didn’t have a good relationship with his family. During the Clone Wars, his uncle Ziro kidnapped Jabba’s young son, Rotta. Despite having no love for Jabba, the Jedi council answered the crime lord’s call for help and rescued his son. Ziro stayed in Republic custody until Jabba had him killed by ex-girlfriend and singer, Sy Snootles.

Despite having a tentative cooperation with the Republic, Jabba the Hutt has never been known for his loyalty. He was forced into an alliance with Darth Maul, Death Watch, Black Sun, and the Pyke Syndicate, furthering their efforts to take over Mandalore.

With Hutt resources, Maul was easily able to take the planet. But when Sidious came to see Maul and his Shadow Collective as a threat, Jabba managed to fly under the radar.

Jabba the Crime Lord

As the Republic shifted into the Galactic Empire, Jabba’s operations continued to grow as if nothing had changed. He began collecting a large water tax from local moisture farmers and sent Wookiee bounty hunter Black Krrsantan after those who didn’t pay.

And later, Han Solo would find employment smuggling for Jabba the Hutt. But after jettisoning his cargo and being unable to repay the Hutt crime lord, Han went from on the payroll to on the run.


Ironically, this bounty on Han’s head would eventually lead to Jabba’s demise. In the mean time though, he would work directly with the Empire and Darth Vader.

After his death, Jabba the Hutt’s criminal enterprise was assumed by Bib Fortuna and then Boba Fett. Eventually his cousins, the twins, would attempt to take his throne.

But once it became common knowledge that the Pykes had their eye on the enterprise, the twins gave up. Taking their sweat-wiping rat and litter with them, they went back to Nal Hutta.

Jabba the Hutt

What is your favorite Jabba the Hutt moment from canon or legends? Who do you think will inherit his criminal empire in the end? Who is your favorite Hutt? Let us know in the comments!

May The Force Be With You, Adventures!

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