Warmachine: Transfinite Emergence Projector


Today we’re talking about one of the most exciting releases that Privateer Press has come out with in a long time. What is it?   Convergence’s new Battle Engine; the Transfinite Emergence Projector.

What’s up folks!?  It’s Trevy the Great here again from Way of the Swan talking about a super exciting new model!  So why is this such an exciting release?  Not only is the Transfinite Emergence Projector (colloquially called the TEP for short) a kickass model that both looks super imposing and performs well on the table, but it is also the first injection molded plastic kit that they’re releasing. This kit is the beginning of a new era of kits from Privateer Press. Many future kits for mechanical characters such as Warjacks or other Battle Engines will be made using this new material instead of the resin, pewter or “restic” mixture that they were in the past.



In terms of quality, this kit is a massive leap forward for Privateer Press. For the first step in a new medium this kit is awesome; it holds fine detail with far greater efficacy than previous materials. These bits have cool little gears and cogs that are rendered in sharp detail. Not only that, but the mold lines are tastefully placed and almost invisible, making cleaning the model all-but unnecessary.

 photo 1Parts on the sprue



photo 2Closeup of the main chassis with all its sweet cog bits


photo 3One of the leg assemblies displaying more awesome fine detail


So besides a super cool model, what makes this Battle Engine so cool on the table? The Transfinite Emergence Projector is a monstrous gun battery with a very flexible array of ranged abilities. It only has a single weapon; a RAT 4, SP10, POW 10 Aperture Pulse ranged attack with Auto Fire 2. This means that the Projector can make two ranged attacks targeting an initial target and a secondary one within 2” of the first. While the number of clustered infantry that can be hit by two giant Spray templates is impressive, at RAT 4, POW 10 the quality of shots leave something to be desired.


Fortunately for the stately Battle Engine, during its activation it gets to place three Permutation Servitors within 1” which buff its shooting based on where they are. Each servitor in the Battle Engine’s left arc it gains an additional die on attack rolls, an additional die on damage rolls for each servitor in its right arc and +1 to the number of Auto Fire attacks it makes for each servitor behind it. These servitors disappear and are replaced each activation, so there’s no chance of leaving them behind, stuck unable to realign each turn depending on the situation. Better still, the battle engine can shunt ranged attacks against it off onto the servitors, making it incredibly difficult to remove with ranged attacks.


With its pretty wacky ranged weapon, the Transfinite Emergence Projector is one of the most flexible gun platforms in the game. Depending on the situation, it can crack armor by putting resources into damage or clear infantry by gaining more attacks or dice to hit. Just about any target in the game can be obliterated by the unstoppable power of the clockwork goddess!


Art"Ima firin' mah lazor!!!!!"


So what does this release mean for the Convergence of Cyriss? Because of the unique interaction between Cyrissist Warcasters and their Vectors, the MAT and RAT values of the Warjacks are determined by those of the controlling ‘caster. This means that the abilities of a Warcaster shapes how a list will perform to a greater extent than in other, more independent Factions. With Warcasters such as Lucant and Axis sporting abysmally low RAT scores, a Battlegroup-independent weapons platform such as the Transfinite Emergence Projector makes a powerful addition to their list that breaks away from their more melee-centric playstyles.


6te4iT4"Us spider-legged robots need to stick together!"


In issue with Battle Engines tends to be their survivability; at the same points cost as a Warjack or Warbeast but with a substantially smaller pool of hit boxes and often lower DEF scores they have an issue standing up to similar threats. With only a RNG 10 attack, the Transfinite Emergence Projector will often have to get close to the action in order to get its shots off. While it is protected from ranged attacks by its servitors and Convergence’s prodigious repertoire of ranged protection, it will be vulnerable to any melee threats that are able to survive its onslaught. Fortunately, in addition to resilient infantry screen of clockwork vessels that Convergence armies can use as a skirmish screen to protect their battle engine there are other methods to keep this significant investment safe.


Unlike Colossals, Battle Engines are smaller and consequently don’t have rule prohibiting the movement or placement outside of their normal movement step. This means that Transfinite Emergence Projectors can take advantage of hit and run effects such as Aurora’s Feat providing Refuge (a full advance after successfully hitting an enemy with an attack) or Directorix’s Tactical Supremacy (for a 3” advance at the end of the turn). Effects such as these allow the Battle Engine to escape from faster enemies that can overrun it despite its impressive firepower.


What do you think of Convergence’s newest tool in the great machine?  Remember to check out Way of the Swan for more awesome Warmachine and Hordes content!

  • Gridloc

    I really like the model, when first announced i thought it looked lame, however last night one of the WM/H guys was putting it together and seeing it in person was really cool. He went up against grundback and they didn’t realize it can’t be pushed (just placed) so don’t think it got to preform as well as it should have. Still friend was very please with both the quality, and the new dynamic it will add to his lists.

  • TimW

    BOLS, any chance you could re-size your images before uploading? Would really help us all see these pics better. They need to be about 75% smaller.

    • I think the point of the zomghueg images was to show off the detail present in the kit. You can always Open in New Tab to get the images to snap to your screen size.

  • Rick Freeman

    This thing is amazing in game and the best model I’ve put together in 20 years of gaming in multiple systems. I only used glue on the main body twice because it fit together so well. Glued the legs in as they were a little loose but otherwise easy as pie. Easier than pie. It’s as easy as ordering a pie from the grocer.

    It’s not as pretty as a GW model but my god the ease of assembly cannot be overstated.

    And in game, kills things dead. Troops are nothing to it. Def 15 on a hill? Three dice into attack. Average roll is 17 on the dice. Troll armor spam? Average damage with two in damage is 24, over three attacks or 28 with two attacks. It also, as noted, fixes the ranged attack problems that come with taking Lucant, volume of attack issues in a normal list, and Axis, RAT 2,

  • My only hope is that these prove such a huge success that we can convince PP to to move its entire line to this plastic. Metal is expensive, resin is a stopgap and their soft plastic is complete and utter garbage fit only to be used as target practice.

    I’ll take two.

    • V10_Rob

      Can I get an “Amen”?

      The soft plastic is embarrassing for PP, there’s no excuse to have stuck with it so long. And even if they drop it now, they’ve been releasing/replacing their unit boxes with this crap for a few years, so slim to no hope of seeing those redone any time soon.

    • UpAndAtom

      I’m going to bet that the new Colossals will be part of a multikit in this plastic, giving you the option to build the existing chassis design and the new ones. The new legends chassis have been confirmed to be in this plastic. I’m a bit confused as to why PP has gone on the record and claimed that this plastic is only reserved for ‘mechanical’ models. Surely the TEP is varied enough in geometries and surfaces to allow such injection molding techniques to be transferred to all sorts of model types, since, you know, GW and Wyrd don’t have an issue with it.

      • Well, remember this is the same company that once proudly touted “all plastic minis suck, we’re using metal forever”. And, well, we see how well that one worked out.

        I DO expect they’ll adopt injection-molded plastics fully eventually, but if history repeats itself, it’ll be another five or six years before they do.

        • UpAndAtom

          I can forgive that initial childlike rhetoric, I’ve generally overlooked that side of PP, including the original page 5 guff. It’s good that they’ve moved away from that sort of image, and they are a much bigger company then when they could get away with that. But if you’re adopting a new and very successful technology, why limit yourself? It’s no doubt down to economics, but I can’t help feel that it’s bad for the company’s image to selectively utilise a proven method of delivering ideal quality models when you’re a wargaming company.

  • Drew

    Does the new plastic work with polystyrene cements like GW’s plastics, or do you need to use superglue like PP’s previous plastic models?

    • UpAndAtom

      Polystyrene cement works on this stuff. It’s pretty much the same plastic as GW/Wyrd.