Mantic: Lays Out Dreadball Season 5



Mantic has been very very busy beavers – and today they laid out Season 5 of Dreadball for the world:

A Taste of the Xtreme

Forget what you think you know!

The X-citement of Xtreme comes to the DGB – sort of!

New teams, new rules and a whole lot of fresh havoc can only mean one thing – it’s new season time for the Galaxy’s Greatest Sport ™

The regs get relaxed for the first time ever to allow modified organics, tailor made robots and even experimental limb grafts in the ongoing search for the perfect DreadBall player.

Exhibition Matches allow coaches to go wild, drafting in players of any shape, size or species for one off matches where anything goes. Think you could create the perfect combination of Guards, Jacks and Strikers? Now’s the time to prove it.

Free Agents arrive to lend their arms, tentacles and teeth to the highest bidder.

New teams bring the Xtreme edge – or do they?


The fifth Season of DreadBall begins in June. It brings with it:

Xtreme Arena Teams: All the rules for playing the Convicts and Asterian Kalyshi in original DreadBall.

asterian-kalyshi-colour asterianteam(1)

Brewed in a Vat and The Mechanics of Perfection: Build your own bespoke players with unique abilities. Choose from a range of heads, torsos, arms, legs/wheels/skies and tails to build the ultimate DreadBall player.

plague-colour mechanites-colour

See the first rules previews for the Mechanites and Kovossian Mutant teams here on Quirkworthy.

We Can Rebuild Him: Create the next generation of DreadBall player with enhancement options available to all DreadBall teams.

Free Agents: Free Agents have existed since Season One, yet Season 5 introduces two new Free Agent tables. Now underdogs can take Free Agents straight from Xtreme in their team, in addition to a few players from the teams included in Season 5.

freeagentsStrikezone Stunners: A new crop of bespoke and characterful MVPs join the upper echelons of fame and fortune (or infamy and notoriety depending on who we are talking about.)


And finally…

Author’s Note – Kickstarter backers and some of our hardcore fans may already have seen some of these shots, but for most of the general public this will be the first time that all of this has been out into the public domain.


More Dreadball coverage in the days ahead.

  • Talos2

    People talk about the speed of gw codex updates, they’ve got nothing on these guys.

    • Matthew Wilkinson

      DBX is a seperat game tied into the Warpath universe as I’d Dread ball. Both can interchange. 5th season brings that interchangeability. And expands new teams.

      • I -think- what he means is that this is the 5th edition of Dreadball to be released…

        His talk of Codex updates says otherwise, but for that to be the case he’d have to believe that GW have only released 5 Codices in the last 2 years (the lifespan of Dreadball). Well it’s been at least 3 times that, so that can’t be his meaning.

        So it just comes down to a person with no knowledge whatsoever of the game and it’s workings determined to make their uninformed point about it.

        Of course if you want to talk about the -worst- kind of blog interactor, it’s the type of person who votes up posts like his. “You sure told -them- with your unfunny comment that made no sense!”

  • The Basement Gamer

    So is this a Kickstarter since that is Mantic’s preferred method of distribution these days?

    • No this is a retail release, as should be apparent by actually reading any quantity of the post. Mantic’s “preferred method” of distribution is bricks and mortar retailers as it always has been. Retailers always end up selling between 3 and 8 times as much base product as there are backers for the Kickstarter that funded the original run.

  • Agent OfBolas

    Some of those miniatures are brilliant and other are really bad looking …. I hope they will be better and better with each update.

    I like Mantic for their prices and increasing quality of miniatures with each release.