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New Space Marines Teaser Unveiled?

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May 20


Sometimes the best place to hide something is in plain sight. Checkout what may just confirm that new Space Marines are on the way (and it’s not the teaser you think).

There has been a flurry of rumors going back and forth this week about ‘new Space Marines’. Let’s start to piece it together from there.

1. Retailers across the world have been told the following items are being ‘removed form compulsory order’

-Space Marine Assault squad (48-09)
-Space Marine Devestator squad (48-15)
-Codex: Space Marines (48-09-XX)

2. This week’s White Dwarf teaser of Strike Fast, Strike Hard may indicate new Astartes based off their ‘spear-tip’ and lightning strike tactics.

3. In the midst of Eldar, Knight, and Mechanicus releases, Games Workshop dropped aHow To Paint Ultramarines’ video seemingly out of no where?

4. Keeping the above picture in mind, checkout the teaser from this week’s paint splatter feature. ‘painting blue and gold’.


Coincidence?  Or do all these occurrences add up to an impending Space Marine planetfall? You decide!

Space Marine Rumor Roundup

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