Minis Review – Spellcrow Plague Legions


A review of the Plague Legionaries from Spellcrow Miniatures, out of Poland. Let’s take a look.

I recently picked up a couple of units of Plague Legionaries from Spellcrow Miniatures out of Poland.  I’ve got 3 units of Death Plague Marines from Forge World so I was curious to see how they compared.  I’m happy to say I was not disappointed in them.  It actually made me want to go back and replace the arms/legs and back packs of my existing Plague Marines with the Spellcrow bits.  The problem with the Forge World bits is that they were the head and torso only so you either had to convert the arms, legs, back pack and weapons or just use regular Chaos Space Marine bits.  The Spellcrow Plague Legionaries are the full package; legs, backpack, weapons, arms, torsos and head.  The arms even come with a nasty knife to represent the plague knife, something FW missed out on.

Here’s a picture of the first unit.  As you can see each model has a bolter and plague knife.  There are a variety of different bits to mix and match so that each figure looks unique for the most part.


Here’s picture of the back packs.  several different version of these as well.  There are two distinct styles.  One is similar to the regular Space Marine back pack while the other is more akin to the bigger Chaos Space Marine back pack with the wider/taller top.  I used the bigger one to represent the champion and to make him stand out from the rest of the unit.


Here’s a close up, you can see the two different style back packs here easily and give you more clarity into the amount of detail these guys have.


Close up of the two different styles of back packs.  Sorry for the blurriness of the picture.


Below is my initial test model.  It helps to bring out the detail.  The figure was a joy to paint and I look forward to painting the rest.




I hope this give you a good idea what you can expect from the Spellcrow Plague Legionaries.  I personally love the figures and I am very happy with them.  I feel like they trump Forge World due to the added bits to flush out the figure.  If FW had the same it would be a closer choice.  I’ve picked up the lord since I took these pictures.  I will get some pics of the lord up soon and do some comparison shots.  If you are looking to start a Death Guard legion or expand an existing chaos army its hard to beat these figure for quality.  My only complaint is that you have to piece together the units when you buy them.  You have to buy them in bits and not all bits come in the same quanity, some are 4, some are 6, some are 10 and some are 12.  Spellcrow should have some pre-package units with a discount to make it easier and more affordable.  Unfortunately piecing these guys together makes them end up costing about $10 each.  If they could get that price down buy creating pre-packaged units it would really help them and the consumer.

So what do you think about the Plague Legionaries?  Do they rival GW/FW plague marines in your opinion?  How do you think the cost compares to the quality?

  • hauskrebs

    Reminds me why I never had the same problems with Fine Cast as others…my first (and – apart from the anniversary marine – only) models where the FineCast versions of the plague marines 😉 Every bubbly is a nurgly bubble 🙂

  • not a fan of the way the weapons look but the models arent too shabby.

    • mordiano

      Noticed them to. Figured they are stand-ins untill you buy the models and replace them with proper CSM-bolters. Otherwise they, indeed, make no sense…

      • No doubt its also a way to avoid “ip infringement ” just say it in your head like the old “gingivitis! ” commercials 😉

        • Chris. K Cook

          Why bother the whole mini is huge IP infringement?

    • A.P.

      agreed they almost look like Sluggas but like Mordi said probably expect you to swap them with reg bitz from 30 or 40k.

    • Kevin Buesse

      IMO it’s the one failing of the line is the weapons. All the stuff from spellcrow is top notch besides that. I have parts of the plauge line a few parts of the pleasure knights, and other mixed parts. Helps flesh out a sarge and the like.

      It’s easy enough to rou d up some bolters from a bits guy to fill this one glaring gap. I wish they were a bit more affordable but they sure look great.

  • RexScarlet

    Not bad models.
    Just add some Tamiya Gloss Clear; Green, Yellow, and etc. and they will be even Gross-tastic-er!

  • MightyOrang

    It warms the dark tarry center of my soul that these guys are able to so obviously rip off GW. #thankyouChapterhouse!

    (And what great sculpts!)

    • Chris. K Cook

      Its not Chapterhouse (who only got away with half their nonsense because of the Biased US legal system) but the fact that the courts in the eastern European countries are useless and the laws regarding IP Infringements are non-existent.

      I hope you Job gets outsourced to Poland.

  • Matthew Mullen

    I make good use of Spellcrow bits and really like them, but I do agree that it’s pricey to buy their full units the way it’s set up. I tend to raid bitz boxes at stores and ask friends for leftover sprues and use them to flesh out the units – weapons and backpacks particularly help.

  • mireadur

    Not so good quality on the modelling side. Also.. Is it me or polish resin sellers think that 40k collectors are mainly monaco millionaires?

  • Orodruin

    Buy the legs + arms from Spellcrow, buy the FW Death Guard conversion kit and some bolters from “somewhere in Asia” and you’ve got the coolest Plague Marines ever for a pretty good price.

  • Retconned Legion

    Lawsuit waiting to happen.

    • Lutharr

      From who? Are you under the impression that a certain company thats been “influenced” by a 1000 different sources can now claim to own everything sci-fi?

      • Chris. K Cook

        There is a galaxy of difference between influence and blatant rip off.

        Also GW has never claimed to own all of scifi. Just their own IP.

      • Retconned Legion

        There is “influenced” and then there is direct copying. If you can’t see the difference that’s your problem.

        • Lutharr

          funny because when GW are influenced its just that. Whenever someone else is influenced by them, its a rip off.

          And its not my problem, since I quite clearly dont own an IP, it dont effect me in any single way.

  • willy2fly

    I have the plague lord from Spellcrow and it’s a terrific model. Not been that impressed with the plague spawn and these new plague fly drones with turbines previewed recently. The troops look great though and I may pick some up. I’d like to see them tackle plague bikers and heavy weapons to make ‘devastators’. Also, check out KROMLECH for some great plague marine bits. I have a set of legs from them and they are very good.

  • Renegades

    Put these on the table and you can find yourself another opponent.

    GW already do a lot of upgrades for nurgle and I am not going to be part of anything that is such an obvious IP infringement and is harmful to the game.

    • Lutharr

      hahahahaha fanboi much

  • Amazarak

    I have had very good experiences with Spellcrow – they get two thumbs up from me