Pre Heresy World Eaters d6 Gaming Dice for BeakyCon5

15 - 1

Hi everyone !!! Here is how to order BeakyCon5 pre heresy World Eater dice to support the 40k Grand Tournament.

The logo is on the 6 side of the dice so you can imagine delivering a decapitating blow to a filthy xenos psyker or monkeigh suit when you see the World Eaters infamous icon pop up !!!

You can purchase them in the following lots:

• 6 = $10.00
• 12 = $15.00
• 24 = $25.00

Pay via PayPal to:

Put BeakyCon5 Dice in the subject line and the number of dice you’re ordering in (..).

BeakyCon5 40k GT Official Site

Be sure to include your shipping address. Dice will be shipped the first week of October.

  • Robomummy

    Are they doing other chapters? I would definitely buy some pre heresy night lords dice.

  • benn grimm

    Good to see the logo on the 6 side, cool looking dice.)

  • Deathmage

    I’m guessing the shipping will cost extra money. Any idea roughly how much money to get it to the UK?

    • Shipping is included but I’ll have to charge a bit extra to ship to UK from USA. If you purchase 48 or more I will include it so no extra charge.

  • Nogle

    might have to buy some for my 30k World Eaters.
    Just looked at the website, 30k World Eaters aren’t allowed at that event, that’s kinda funny

  • Jennifer Burdoo

    Shouldn’t they be red and gold, not blue and silver?

    • Will Frank

      White and Blue are World Eaters (Pre-Heresy)

      • Jennifer Burdoo

        Ah, good point! I hadn’t thought of that.

  • anubisblade

    will there be other legions made and the “fallen” (chaos)? would love to see them in different colors so i can use the same ser with the ability to throw champs/sgt at same time

  • Chris. K Cook

    Gonna go ahead and assume that you guys ran this past GW legal first?

    • Syratogo

      Hahaha no obviously they didn’t