Mantic’s Warpath – Alpha Rules For FREE

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Looking for a new 28mm Sci-Fi miniatures game to play? Or maybe you just want a change of pace – Well how about some FREE RULES!

Mantic Games just released the Alpha Version of their Warpath system and are looking for feedback! Put on your Jr. Game Designer Hat and take a crack at helping them make the game better.

Take it away Stew from Mantic Games

This is the new iteration of the Warpath mass-battle sci-fi game – a game that has been nearly five years in the making. To get an understanding of what we are trying to achieve, please read the previous blog here.

The alpha period so far has been fantastic, with over 150 comments on the feedback thread, and lots of games going on, and I’m really looking forward to a new wave of players entering the fold and letting us know what they think. To be clear, the game is still very much in an alpha stage – we’re still playing around with things to improve the game, as you’ll see later. We’ll keep the game at this stage for another month or two, and then we’ll pool together all of the feedback and polish it into a beta version, to start fine-tuning the detail.

So, without further ado:

Download: Warpath Alpha Rules and Army Lists 

Please post all feedback here.

All of the changes have been listed here. There were some excellent suggestions and comments from the community, so you may see some of your own influence in there.

Vehicular Combat

Last time we talked about Warpath, we showed off the Enforcer Interceptor, which went down a storm! This time around we’ve got concept art of the Forge Father Tank for your feedback – an assault variant and an APC. There will be additional weapons for the assault version too.

Mantic_FFTank_Assault_f Mantic_FFTank_APC_f

Warpath Firefight

One of the biggest areas for discussion has been about the general scope of Warpath, and what people are actually looking for in a sci-fi battle game. Opinion has been divided between those who are excited about playing big battles with whole units, and those who are looking for something with fewer models and more granularity and detail for the individual figures. This is addressed in the discussion on Warpath ‘Firefight’ – which you can find below. Have a read and let us know what you think.


Essentially, we want to create an alternate version of the game, scaling down the same mechanics to provide the individual casualty removal and detail that people are looking for, while keeping the game as slick and fast as possible. This game will have a sweet spot of 30-50 models, so smaller than the core Warpath rules, but closer to some of the other games on the market – hopefully providing a viable alternative for those who are looking for it. We haven’t fully developed this alternate version yet, but I have made some comments on the original rules to explain how it would work.

Check out the initial thoughts here: Download Warpath Firefight

That should give you plenty to digest for now – I’m really looking forward to hearing what you think. Over the next few weeks we’ll put out more army lists, and we’ll be on the forums to answer your questions.

All feedback should be posted here.

Thanks guys,



Well there you have it! Options for both a smaller scale firefight and the larger scale battles. This is a great opportunity to test out your game design skills, if you’re so inclined. And the rules are FREE – what do you have to lose?


  • Solos Shot First


  • LordKrungharr

    My advice is right now and immediately come up with non generic names for their stuff. Those models will look really cool in the table! I think I might have to give this a try

  • Jake Nolan

    I certainly hope that they’ll allow for bigger games as well though. 30-50 models IS a great army size for conventional games but I also would like 60-180 model armies too.

    • Might want to read the article again. 🙂 The standard rules are for games starting at about 50 models up to as many as you can stand. Warpath Firefight (which is only just being conceived right now) will be for 20-50 models. I’m hoping they’ll have armies built by the model with no formal squads for that version.

      So ultimately 3 games in the same universe in 3 scales of battle.

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    very interested in this, but I wish it was more generic in a way so I could use, ahem, other manufacturers models. A points system for designing your own units would be useful instead of having to play as counts as.

    • Johannes Dingle

      I glanced trough the rules for warpath and my initial thought was that you could do well with guard, marine and ork models from gw. Squats and skaven needs a little converting but that’s the bread and butter of this hobby for me anyways. 😊

    • Can I quote you on that next time someone insists Mantic’s stuff is too generic and they need to make themselves different if they want to succeed? 🙂

      I used the Forgefather list for Space Marines in the past, that worked surprisingly well. As someone else has already said Orx and Orks and Corporation and Guard are pretty close equivalents.

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        haha! A lot of smaller games out there include full points systems to design forces from scratch, it would be great if Mantic included one in Warpath then homebrew army lists could be legally playable and fair.

        I think their own game universe is great, and getting better, but I am looking for an alternative to GWs rules for 40K at this point, to carry on playing in the 40K universe with my existing collection. I can’t see Mantic’s existing army lists covering every item in my collection appropriately.

        • Mars Ultor

          You’re right not to expect that. They may put out a point-your-own list, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. My advice would be to voluntarily alter your mind-set and expectations. First, your battles can take place in any universe you imagine – it’s still your marines/guard vs. orks or bugs, simply using different rules for targeting, shooting, HTH. Secondly, realize that there is a trade-off between good rules from another company and the exact details of the models you have. But in the end, with the rules being free, you have NOTHING to lose by trying and maybe everything to gain.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            I will certainly try these rules out, by myself if I can’t find an opponent. It may be that by combining units from several army lists I can give everything an appropriate stat line and points value.

            Mantic have said they are going to write official KoW lists for various fantasy races that aren’t in their game world, it would be very cool if they’d do the same for Warpath.

          • RG Allen

            Even before the official unofficial lists came out, several players created fan lists that the community got behind and playtested to promote balance. I suspect that without a formal list, the players themselves will create lists to support something like tyrranids or necrons and the like. Already Guard and corporation marines are a good fit, enforcers and SMs are ok, Asterians will accept both types of eldar, orks is orx, Just remember that a BFG can be a storm bolter, lascannon or heavy bolter. It’s just a big fn gun.

        • RG Allen

          The rebs faction will likely be a catch all list. You can use models from a huge variety of sources for reds, including big bad (Teenage Mutant Ninja) turtles, basic aliens of any type, Pretty much pick your poison. The “counts as” rule is prevalent in Mantic’s games. So long as it resembles what you’re calling it, or is distinguishable from others, then you’re good to go. Walkers, tanks, APCs, flyers, all are getting rules to use. BFGs are BFGs, rockets are rockets, and flamethrowers are cool (personal philosophy, sorry, got carried away there for a second.)

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            thanks that’s good to know.

  • MrSpacemonkeymojo

    While I love most things dwarfy, I just find they don’t do the beards right on their models. Avatars of War probably has the best looking dwarf models I have seen for my tastes.

    However that tank/apc looks great!

  • JamesD

    Tanks with beards you say?

  • georgelabour

    If the thundercats had been space dwarves….

    Also, just how many rules sets is mantic going to put out before they settle on just one and develop it before moving on? They seem to flop through new editions and or iterations of the same universe using different rules more often than games workshop ever could.

    OTOH…teleporting space turtles need to be an army all their own and they also have space rats with giga drills so looking forward to see how this and their other other scifi wargame continue to develop.

    • They’ve still got less systems than GW did at it’s height. Certainly in the late eighties and early nineties GW was churning out systems and dumping them just as quickly. (Spacefleet, Ultramarines, Dungeonbowl, Tyranid Attack, Confrontation to name but a few). The only thing Mantic have so far “dropped” are the board games they released to get some more use out of the plastic sprues they had in their early days. Even that’s arguable as the missions from those boxed games will be in Dungeon Saga. Only poor old “Project Pandora” has no real equivalent.

      As for re-releases only Kings of War is (going to be) in second edition any time soon. Deadzone Kickstarter is more a 1.5 release, with the Kickstarter (initially) funding a new cheaper boxed set as they felt the bar was too high with the old one (and it contained hard to work with restic figures too).

      • Mars Ultor

        If they continue to provide rules for free then they’ll have no great incentive to change them up in such quick succession just to keep people buying rulebooks.

        • Well they’ve released practically all their rule sets for free from the very beginning, and they still update ’em. 🙂

          I’m sure the cash incentive is real for Mantic, as it has to be for any company, but Mantic have just estimated that having freely available .pdfs makes dead tree sales more likely as well as rendering piracy issues completely moot.

      • georgelabour

        An excellent answer to my somewhat facetious query. Thank you. 🙂

  • Mars Ultor

    I’ve only read the first few pages of the alpha rules so far, but it sure is nice to get rid of that “True” LOS b.s. from the very beginning. That’s a promising start for me. Hopefully an end to warfare rules written driven by model sales. I’m looking into this more.

  • RG Allen

    I think the suppression rules and overwatch are what really set this rules set apart from other games. Reality of combat is that there’s a lot less actual killing from gun fire at range then there is keeping the enemy’s head down so you can maneuver on them and kill them dead.