Warmachine: Khador’s Reckoning


The Khadoran war machine keeps on churning out more indomitable tools of war! Let’s dive into the new weapons available to the Motherland released in the Reckoning expansion!

What’s up guys!? It’s Trevy the Great from Way of the Swan here for another super cool Reckoning review. Earlier I touched quickly on the new releases for Cygnar in the new Warmachine expansion; this time around let’s dive into the new tools released for the limitless armies of the Empire! Once again; I’m just going to go over what I think of the new releases, not necessarily what they do on the table. The cards are all over the place, I’m sure you can find them.



In this book Khador became the first Faction to sport two Warcaster units with the release of Obavnik Kommander Zerkova. While filling largely the same role as other Khadoran ‘casters like Sorscha1, Zerkova2 (or Z2 as she’s being called by the kids these days) brings a lot more raw infantry clearing potential with less of a control-oriented game plan. With lots of Greylords or Valachev’d magic users, her list can throw so many magical attacks benefitting from Occult Whispers to make any Cryx player quake in their boots. Even fun tricks like double Zephyrs from Valachev two Kisses from Aiyana or multiple clouds from Ternion or Arcanist Corps gives her an interesting toolbox of abilities. Unfortunately, a relative lack of answers to high armor or anti-magic tech makes her a little one-dimensional when it comes to list pairings; Zerkova comes prepared with a pretty strong assassination option via Telgesh Mark and a couple Whispered spells to play out of those bad matchups.



Next up is Khador’s newest colossal; the Victor. This big guy is being touted on the interwebz as Khador’s savior; while I don’t think he’s quite that game-changing, he is pretty sweet. The most important benefit he brings to the table is an interesting and varied toolbox on his Siege Mortar. Despite its inaccuracy (making the Khador ‘jack RAT 0), even on a miss there’s a significant chance that the AoE won’t drift far enough to miss the target. With an AoE radius of 2.5”, it’ll hit anything smaller than a Huge based target on a 3 or less, giving it a 50/50 chance to tag the target with blast damage and a secondary effect. With ‘casters like Sorscha, who can make targets stationary or knock them down to mitigate the Victor’s negligible RAT, a POW 15 arcing fire shot that threats ~24” is a terrifying prospect, and even a deviating 5” fire bomb is enough to keep most light infantry honest, especially on a chassis that still boasts the grandiose hitting power of a Khadoran colossal.

A bit of a surprise on the releases in Reckoning for Khador were the Mad Dog and Rager. These two heavies are based off of the Berserker chassis with all of its benefits and detriments and will probably open the door for an awesome new modular plastic kit like the new Stormclad/Reliant that’s coming any day now.



Despite the hype that’s been growing about the Mad Dog since his High Command card was spoiled ages ago, the poor Berserker variant isn’t particularly exciting. Besides being the cheapest heavy ‘jack in the entire game (theme forces notwithstanding) and therefore spawning all sorts of weird Karchev lists, it fills a niche that wasn’t really lacking. It’s a dedicated trample-bot and doesn’t stand up in a real fight, but at SPD 4 the chances of it making it into a position to find a legal landing zone are slim… that is, unless it uses Jury Rigged and takes the chance to blow itself up. Still 5 points for 31 boxes and a way for a lot of ‘casters to spend their ‘jack points isn’t the worst thing ever.


In sharp contrast to his cousins the Rager on the other hand is an impressive piece of work; for one more point than the Mad Dog (the same cost as a standard Berserker), this guy brings a shield, a gun and Shield Guard to the table. While not particularly impressive in melee (unfortunately the drawback of the chassis as a whole), 6 points for an ARM 20, 31 box shield guard who can soak WJP for ‘casters that don’t want to spend them or take hits for more important pieces is impressive. Even sitting this guy in the back of a zone as a bargain-bin Devastator can be worth its weight in gold… and that gun has to hit something eventually, right? The argument has been made that a pair of Ogrun Bokors are better than this guy for the same points and a similar role; while that’s absolutely true for protecting your ‘caster or other important pieces from snipers or pesky solos like Eiryss, a Bokor can’t usually take more than one big hit from heavy artillery. The Rager on the other hand has armor and boxes to spare, so taking those heavier shots isn’t a problem for this guy. He’s basically ablative armor anyway. I don’t expect to see this guy in every list, but I certainly think he has his place as a defensive piece.


Overall, some strong new improvements from the Khadoran armory! Stay tuned for more Reckoning talk as I try to cover the new releases from every Warmachine Faction!


Do you agree with my impressions? Why or why not?

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  • kaptinscuzgob

    still waiting on that epic karchev

    • They’ve said in the past that the Apotheosis ‘casters are never going to get Epic versions.

      But then again, this is the same company that once proudly proclaimed “plastic sucks and we’ll never use it. Metal forever!” and we all know how that one worked out for them. So, grain of salt, is what I’m saying.

  • Matthew Pomeroy

    I thought reckoning a good book, but man I truly believe khador to be real scumbags.

    • Well, it’ll be good to get to be the villains again for a while after the Gaspy ex Machina tedium of the last couple of books, but may I ask why you feel so?

      • Matthew Pomeroy

        They started this war, they are aggressive cruel and rotten folks. Arrogant and conniving. All around unpleasant people from my take on the fluff.

        • Heh, you’re a Cygnar player.

          Life in occupied Llael is BETTER than it was under the weak and inbred monarchy Khador displaced, and much of the Umbrean population welcomed Khador with open arms after generations of Rynnish oppression and life as second-class citizens. What did Khador do immediately after the fighting stopped? It started to rebuild the country. Improve it, even. It even committed its Warjacks to the task. Turns out Juggernauts haul bricks just as well as they crush weak Southerners. When was the last time an Ironclad ever built something instead of destroying it?

          What has Cygnar ever done for Llael? What have they ever done for Ord?

          In fact… what does Cygnar do? Oh right: they build really good walls.

          Cygnar sits around behind its walls and congratulates itself for being The Hero, all while failing to help their allies and even using them as human shields if the occasion calls for it; all while failing to adequately protect their own coastline from pirate raids; all while failing to notice the MASSIVE Cryxian presence within their own borders; all while failing to stop their own capital city from being split in half by a religious coup from within.

          Cruel? Rotten? Arrogant? Conniving? These are words used to describe ambition by those who lack it, and to describe the pragmatic by those unwilling to do what is necessary.

          Call us what you will. Our culture is growing, thriving, expanding… improving. What’s yours doing? It’s curled up in a little ball on the floor, trying to fight off enemies in all four directions because you were too weak to solve your problems before they turned around and bit you.

          The best possible thing that could happen to Cygnar is for someone to lop Leto’s head off and put Vinter back on the throne. He had ambition. He was willing to do what is necessary.

          Maybe then you’d be an enemy worthy of respect.

          • Matthew Pomeroy

            I am a devoted servant of the Dragonfather, the heroes of this game. While Cygnar does have its faults, Khador is by far the biggest evil d-bags.

          • Ah. So it’s Dunning-Kruger Effect, not Hero Complex. So easy to mix the two up sometimes, sorry. But, well, we can’t all get the good writing, so, hey, what can ya do?

            By the way, you, ah, got a bit of irony running down your leg there. Might want to see to that.

          • Matthew Pomeroy

            Its just mortal blood and oil, nothing to worry about, you guys go ahead and get back to being black hearted aggressive villains,. we will rescue the good folk of Immoren from khardic tyranny

          • Noridaii

            You sir, just won all the internets.

          • /me shrugs

            I merely speak truth. Something the swans do far too little of.

  • I think Reckoning is the best book of Mk. II so far. Everybody gets useful new toys, but nothing as useless as Harkevich or as ZOMGWTFOP as Haley2. Overall the new additions are well-balanced and mostly competitive with similar choices without overlapping roles too much or stealing anyone’s thunder.

    I feel at this point that the design team has really found the sweet spot for Mk. II. For the first time this edition they’re not introducing some new model type to the game, meaning they’re not really experimenting with unknown territory, and it shows.

    • Noridaii

      Agreed. A a collector of 4 factions I am stoked with how this shook out. Great options for everyone.

  • V10_Rob

    You’re wasting your time spamming this site. The only addictive substances we buy are plastic, resin and white metal.