Wyrd Weekly Preview: The Drowned


This week’s Wyrd Preview is a look at a sculpt for one of The Drowned models. Get a load of this guy Malifaux fans!

The Drowned are Resurrectionist minions that are the spirits of people who were drowned by the Guild or Arcanists in the city’s river. Refusing to pass on, these spirits can be brought to serve Resurrectionist Masters. They act as great melee tarpits in the game.

And here was last week’s additional mini reveal:



Looking good Wyrd.  Their plastic quality just keeps going up and up.

  • Sh4d0wProph3t

    At last! Now I just need Guild Autopsies and Karina starts becoming useful.

  • TweetleBeetle

    Bringing overalls back!

    • marxlives


  • Those look pretty good.