Model Review – Spell Crow Dragons/Salamanders

salamanderThe Salamanders Marine chapter has a long history, but not much support.  I recently picked up some bits from Spellcrow to build a unit to help them out.

My son is 7 and he is getting very interested in warhammer.  He’s built a full unit of marines; I cut and trimmed all the parts but he glued and chose all the bits.  He loves the idea of the Salamanders.  Probably due to the dragon feel of them and the fire, he loves fire.  I should probably be worried…  I decided to built a unit of Salamanders for him to paint.  He’s recently started painting and enjoys it so I want to encourage it.

So Spellcrow has a range of different ‘Space Knight’ bits and figures.  Spelllcrow does some great work so I was happy to try these bits out as I knew they would be top quality.  I ordered a full range of bits so we can add to his ‘army’ at a later date.  First up are the regular troopers or tactical marines.  As you can see below the unit has a very distinct look and feel to them.




DSCF1716_zps1zfjfkz2 DSCF1717_zps2wye2hwg



I used CSM arms with these guys as I felt the plain SM arms were too bland.  These compliment the style of the armor and details of the models.  My favorite aspect of these models are the helmets.  I think they look really great.  The scales/spines on the torsos and shoulder pads are really nice as well.  I’m thinking about using some of these bits on some CSM actually.


There is also a set of Melta guns with this line of bits.  They have a distinct styling that goes very well with the rest of the look and feel.  The one with the dragon face is my sons favorite for obvious reasons.  It would make a great CSM melta gun.DSCF1727_zpspdzxdqfo


Here’s a few shots of the champion just to get some better pics of the bits and the figure as a whole.  You can see the detail on the torso and the scales on the legs

DSCF1719_zpsj82ffupm   DSCF1720_zps0njmuorc







Along with all the bits shown above Spellcrow also has bits for Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield Terminators.

DSCF1725_zpscjdojgrs DSCF1724_zpsgm9iczyt



They also have Dreadnought bits, which include feet, center face plate, shoulder pads, banner and loin cloth.  Do dreadnoughts have loins?

DSCF1728_zpsfsi1mvo4 DSCF1729_zpsauits1hd


Spellcrow makes plenty of other great bits for marines, orks, eldar,etc.

I recommend you check them out.

  • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

    some of those bits would look good for Alpha Legion as well.

    • Rose Roberts


    • Rose Roberts

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  • willy2fly

    I have the plague lord model from Spellcrow and I can vouch for the quality of their cast and sculpts. Excellent stuff. Also have some of the plague legion upgrades from Kromlech and they are also superb. Fill ya boots those of us that look to make unique looking armies from different sources!

  • Agent OfBolas

    Stunning work!

    When we add high quality of Spellcrow cast… perfect product! I need to figure out how can I convert them to Choosen for CSM army!

  • G Ullrich

    I use their miniatures for some of my Salamanders. They use a soft resin…which has plusses and minuses in terms of durability (less brittle, but easier to mar). Their shields are VERY hard to get off their sprue without damage. The detail is softer than forgeworld, but adds welcome variety. I like the heads…again, lacking crisp detail, but with a “base/wash/highlight” style of painting look great and are probably the best Dragon skull style helmets out there. The dreadnought kit is also fun to use kitting out the standard box dread – making them quite in theme…again, not as good as the FW Salamander dread character, but better than a bare and plain dread. The chest pieces are decent, but the real winners are the shoulder pads. I love these and highly recommend them for blinging out your Sergeants and Veterans.

  • DeadlyYellow

    Love bit companies. A little pricier than standard pieces but add some much needed pop. There’s also something droll about stretching a box of GW units using third party bits, especially given GW’s history of trying to shut such companies down.

  • euansmith

    Using the Chaos Space Marines is a great idea.

  • Moik

    Das ist fantastisch!

  • Emprah

    I see the evil lord Mouldline strikes again!