GW: New Releases 9-5-2015 First Looks



Stormcasts get a new Battletome, some air support and a few fancy upgrades too!

Looks like the SigMarines are in full force! All the models we’ve known about are now up for order and they have a fancy new book too!

via Gamesworkshop

Battletome: Stormcasts Eternals

60030218001_BattletomeStormcastEternalsENG01 60030218001_BattletomeStormcastEternalsENG02


Stormcast Eternals: Prosecutors

99120218006_SCProsicutorsCelestialHammers01 99120218006_SCProsicutorsCelestialHammers04

Stormcast Eternals: Knight-Azyros/Knight-Venator

99120218003_SCEternalKnightVenator01 99120218003_SCEternalKnightAzyros03


Celestial Warbringers Upgrades


Knight-Excelsior Upgrades



The upgrade packs are a curious concept. They could be used for some pretty cool conversions! Also that Knight Azyros kit totally has an “S” on orb in the lantern…it’s the little things that really make the model.


In brightest day…

  • edmundblack

    Dude with the bow and the death-parrot is nice enough, but … eh, still not interested. For those that are though, some nice kit. I just hope they expand soon as the Sigmar stuff is getting boring now.

    • Adam Murray

      So your saying you wish they’d stop with the hammer time?

      • Horus84cmd

        Can’t touch this……durm dur dur dum dum

        • Adam Murray

          Literally all I can think of when I’m playing with my Stormcast.

      • edmundblack

        Something other than Sigmarines would be nice, if anything to see how they alter the aesthetic (if they do) of the other races.

        • Xodis

          Its what they do when they release a new faction. Soon we will bounce back to 40K, and then when AoS gets its next turn its probably going to be wave after wave after wave of Orks or some other iconic Fantasy force.

        • Adam Murray

          My main army is Orruks and Grotlins I just hope they update the 20year old sculpts for common boys (as they are actually worth taking now) and common goblins and wolf riders. Other races need stuff too notably tomb king core archers horsey men and chariots and high aelifs archers and spears. Feels so weird with the new names. Duarden warriors need a new set too. Basically anything that has really old sculptors before GW got good at CAD.

          • Hedwerx

            I think the human faction/s will be next, Empire and Brets are the only factions that don’t fit with the new look. Everything else you can get away with using the older stuff.

  • Dan

    … … I like the parrot.

    • Spacefrisian

      Me to, should have his own kit.

  • Alhazred TheMad

    Still missing the herald and standard bearer. Half expected them to b components in the upgrade packs.

  • Matthew

    That Stormbro with the bow is epic.

    There hasn’t been a “non-monster” model that has given me such an impression since I first saw the green knight years and years ago.

  • standardleft

    I really like the round shields. I’d like to see how they look on the liberators.

  • Oza

    Best thing so far with AoS has been the two familiars (and the close combat weapons (not hammers or swords)). Might get the upgrades for the symbols the knight excelsior one is quite good.

  • Xodis

    Really nice, and as much as I enjoy my Stormcast, I cant wait to see the next race to get the full release treatment.

  • zemlod

    Not my Warhammer.

  • Bryan

    These new releases certainly increase the viability of at least 2 different Stormcast only lists – I discuss this further on my blog at

  • Stan

    The poofy Saturday morning cartoon aesthetic is really wearing thin, the parrot just crosses a line I would have preferred not to see crossed.
    AoS is swiftly becoming Bronyhammer.

  • Nolan

    when i see this model…

  • Agent OfBolas

    yay, just more of same looking Fantasy Space Marines!

    • Brae


  • Hedwerx

    Nice looking figures, I wonder what’s next. Hopefully something else that’ll add to the mewling crybaby posts of people mourning a system they claimed to like, yet didn’t buy anything from.

    Oh, 8th ed Fantasy figures are too camp, the system’s got too bloated. Why don’t they make something for smaller forces, it costs too much to build an army. Why don’t you change the system for something simpler.

    Oh, you changed the system to something simpler, I don’t like it, so now I’m going to moan in every article about it. Claiming to have spent thousands on figures. You owe me, Games Workshop, you owe me, because I decided to buy your stuff.

    I can’t play it unless it’s “supported” unless it’s current, because I’m a child who can’t sort things out for myself. Heaven forbid my local group pick an edition we like and play that, no we have to have everything handed down to us from on high, because we’re idiot proles incapable of independant thought.

    I wouldn’t mind if people actually had some constructive criticism about the game or the figures, but it’s just the same boring auto-posting of negative comments, the same dull kneejerk rubbish in every comments section.

    • zemlod

      I don’t care about round or square bases, I don’t mind the simplified rules, but I “grew up” on the Warhammer Fantasy RPG, 1st Ed. So that is the art style I want to see supported. Not some anime, Warmahordes bland ‘modern’ video game version. I want my fantasy to have puffy sleeves on unshaven Empire soliders, toothless Bretonnian serfs in ramshacke half-timbered hovels, gnome mechanics, halfling thiefs, flashy buckles on floppy leather hats and Fimirs in the swamps.

      • Hedwerx

        You’re a bit late with that one. When was the last time you saw Gnomes, Halflings, and Fimir in Warhammer? You basically want GW to stay in the 80’s, but then everyone would be moaning that it’d gone stale.

        Warhammer in it’s old guise wasn’t selling well enough, a business can’t release new products based on goodwill and nostalgia alone.

        People seem to want GW to be a big international with a large fanbase, but act like a small time garage model company. You can’t have both.