Warmachine Batrep – Morvahna2 vs. Butcher3


The capricious druids of Circle Orboros take the field  to halt the endless expansion of the Khadoran Empire in this Warmachine/Hordes battle report!

What’s up folks!?  It’s Trevy the Great here again from Way of the Swan here again with another exciting Warmachine/Hordes battle report!  This time I put down the swans for a bit to play around with my Circle against some evil, imperialistic Khadorans!  Can the furry forest folk fight off the industrialized war machine?  Tune in to find out!

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  • flyingtam

    Here again is some bad editing here again. Good battle repot. Intere stings lists, not exactly what I would use with Butcher 3. Last bit, the commentator said B3 was running Ruin, but the list on the screen said Black Ivan.