Betrayal At Calth Week: DAY 4: Contemptor & Heroes



Betrayal at Calth is here – it’s time to take a look at those AMAZING  new plastic Contemptor & both Heroes minis!

Welcome to Betrayal At Calth Week here on BoLS!  This week we will be going over every aspect of the new game, from the rules to to the minis, to the game itself and everything in between. Check in every day for everything you wanted to know about the biggest product GW may produce this year.

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Today we wade into the two sprues making up both the plastic Contemptor Dreadnought and the Ultramarines Praetor and Word Bearers Chaplain. The Contemptor is a classic design from the 1990s linked to the Heresy and it is a wonderful sight to finally see it (back) in plastic. Let’s get started!


Original Contemptor from the early 1990s EPIC Game system.

Special note: These are all high resolution images, click to see all the details.

 calth-027-FContemptor Dreadnought sprue – Front (note the 2014 copyright)



calth-028-FContemptor Dreadnought sprue – Back


Heroes sprue – Front (note the 2015 copyright)


Heroes sprue – Back


Assembly Instructions – Contemptor & Heroes close-ups on the front cover.

calth-034-F calth-035-F

Assembly Instructions – Contemptor up top – Steloc Aethon and Kurtha Sedd below.


What we have here are the three quick-assembly minis that come with the Betrayal at Calth boxed set.  The posing and dynamic styling of Captain Aethon and Kurtha Sedd are well done and as we have come to expect from GW, they are quite impressively cut apart in ways few other companies can match.  The assembled miniatures wisely have zero chapter markings on them, so these two will be finding their way into Heresy armies from every legion around the world.

Weapons like Aethon’s pistol and Sedd’s pistol/mace can be easily exchanged.  I see many many opportunities to turn these into a wide variety of Praetors and Centurion/Consuls for Legion armylists, or exotic looking Captains, Chapter Masters, and Chaos Lords.

The Contemptor’s pose and in particular legs are a bit stiff, but it’s nice to have the 3 weapon options.  Sources have told BoLS that this plastic Contemptor is a limited release meant for this box only. Expect a more complex kit with more posing and equipment options coming in plastic down the road when the Horus Heresy game is rolled out in full.

How will you use the heroes minis – and how will you paint & convert them??


  • Really milking this release for a dozen similar articles…

    • Nogle

      I can’t think of the last product released that deserves this much coverage(as this does). First edition apocalypse maybe? First limited box of space hulk?

    • Scharfinator

      It’s the BOLS way!

    • JP

      Clicks for the Click GOD!!!

  • Michael Bradbury

    Deja vu….

  • amaximus167

    AMAZING? No, amazing would have been seperate thighs, shins and feet like the FW Model so you could put it in a an epic pose.

    It is cool, just not amazing.

    • Talos2

      It’s easily done to be fair with a sharp knife and some green stuff being plastic.

      • amaximus167

        It is in fact, not easily done, to be fair. The knees require many curved cuts. Then, there will be detail AND smooth green stuffing. Also, keep in mind, I am talking about the difference between cool and amazing. Not saying the model sucks.

    • Local Ork

      Also painting those guys have to be a bіtch. Seriously, You either have to paint them fully unassembled or have some ninja-skills to get in every nook and cranny. This is especially true for Terminator Captain.

      I hate plastic heroes of late… I think I liked “it’s single mini with bunch of hero bits” approach more.

      • euansmith

        Spray can and wash normally works… 😉

  • evilazzaMachine

    To each their own, I find the plastic Contemptor very static, very plain and boring lol

    • rfinkle

      It’s perfect for the Contemptor that likes to stand still and have skyfire. 😉

    • JP

      The box set Helbrute is the only dread that doesn’t look that way. They’re walking dumpsters. How dynamic can they get?

      • CMAngelos

        Clearly you haven’t seen a well posed ForgeWorld contemptor, have you?

        • JP

          Yes I have. They’re the exception to the rule. The rest of them are walking dumpsters.

  • Haighus

    I have to say, the quality of GW’s instruction books is pretty good nowadays- very little ambiguity in those above.

    • nurglitch

      Maybe they’ve learned a few things since the Sentinel kit with the inverted Multi-laser peg.

  • dinodoc

    Out of curiosity, is it possible to make a decent list out of the minis in the box?

    • CMAngelos

      Its possible to make an ‘okay’ list out of what’s just in the box for One Army following the FW 30k rules.

  • Jonathan B.

    How easy to swap out the chainfist for a lightning claw or power sword?