Minions: Brigand Warlord 101

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The Brigand Warlord is here and he is ready to buff his porky brethren – but at what price?

This is a new UA to take with the Farrow Brigands.

He is armed to the teeth with 2 POW 12 “Pig Iron” guns and a “Battle Axe”.  He also has gunfighter so he can really tear it up in melee.

Granted Abilities

He gives the whole unit Gang.  This is really big for the pigs, as+2 to meelee attack and damage for the entire unit comes in handy.  These guys went from to decent hitters to threatening heavies with charges now.

He gives the unit Reform – so say hello to free 3″ Advance moves..  Combine it with Hog Wild these guys could shoot at stuff, move, melee stuff, and then move 3″ after that is all done!

He gives the unit Prowl.  This is highly situational probably wont come up much unless you are hanging out in the woods, but its nice to have Stealth when you can use it.

There is one downside to the Brigand Warlord is for all the crazy abilities he gives the unit you have to pay for it at 3 points.  Most UA’s that cost 3 points don’t see a lot of plays, but I think this one might have the stuff to get those pigs dusted off.


What do you think of this new Unit attachment for the pigs BOLS?  Is he worth 3 points?

  • LordRao

    I’m no expert on WarmaHordes by any means, but this ‘review’ just seems to be a very superficial first impression of tactics of a single model. Strange, since it’s been out since October and the rules were probably released way before then. By now I’d expect a little more context etc.

  • El puerco marrano that make farrow Brigands more badass.

  • JN7

    The main problem is that brigands are kind of crap and there’s only so much you can do to polish a turd. The warlord is OK, but the entire package is too expensive for what it will actually accomplish.

  • paradiddlebob

    I think the review is relative to the popularity of WM.

  • Severius_Tolluck

    hmm yeah bit late but short and sweet. Sounds like a decently priced upgrade to me.