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The Wolfen, Leman Russ, Vlka Fenryka – it’s all true. The Space Wolves are coming, don’t miss the start of 40k for 2016!

A New White Dwarf  has been spotted, and look who’s on the cover!

via John Seng on Spikey Bits Hobbies and Warseer 1-23-2016



Now take a closer look at this cover. It looks to be issue 106, and dated February 6th, which is two weeks from now.  That is also the day of the now annual Horus Heresy weekender at Warhammer World.

I feel like the questions we can take away from just seeing this cover are:

  • Will there be a Space Wolves release between now or then, or just “filler” Age of Sigmar?
  • Is GW saving them to debut at the same time as the HH weekender at Warhammer World?
  • Since the Space Wolves are pretty much getting a new kit, with what appears to be Wulfen(?), then are we looking at a a full multi week release OR just a one kit and perhaps a 7th Edition codex update?
  • Is the blacked out portion done on purpose to hide a previous week’s release like we saw on the Tau Ghostkeel White Dwarf sighting back in September (Stormsurge reveal).

Here’s what we had been hearing earlier in the week, but with this big reveal the actual release lineup is once again anyone’s guess.

via DakkaDakka’s Sad Panda 11-27-2016

Tyranids in January is nonsense. Fyreslayers.

Imp. Guard in February is nonsense. Space Wolves.

Not counting possible 1-week things (think Seraphon), only multi-week releases.

It’s not impossible there will be a FSE (Farsight Enclave) book, which may or may not be reprinting the rules from Mont’ka.I wouldn’t expect many miniatures with it. Probably just be the book, or a single clam-pack at most. There will be several 1-week things 2016.

This Week’s news from BoLS

Sources have relayed to BoLS that the Space Wolves are returning this year, but there are some big caveats:

  • Look for the Space Wolves to return in the first half of the year, before summer arrives.

  • This will be a minor “reboxing release”

  • Look for some originally limited edition models to make their way into the standard SW range.

  • Look for mostly reboxings with updated bases and the like.

  • There is no current word on an updated codex.

And this from just yesterday:

via Lucky Shot on Faeit 1-20-2016

“Space Wolves campaign book is called “Curse of the Wulfen”

Also includes a decurion for Chaos Daemons

Then we got this Shocker Last Night:’s Dark Warrior reports:

Translated into English:

‘Many repacks of old Chaos Warrior models, including knights and barbarian riders, who are now 10 per box, rest remains the same.

A battalion, Lord Heldrath’s Chaos Deathtide, 2 chariots, 5 knights, 10 barbarian riders, 16 warriors, 1 Lord on Manticor, for 145€

Next campaign book, Balance of Power, 304 pages, 60€ (in line with previous AoS campaign books)

Wardens of the Everqueen, a novella, and Space Wolves Audio drama, ‘Parting of the Ways.

Teaser: “After 10,000 years the lost brothers return.

There are no Wolves on the White Dwarf?

Find out more about the Space Wolves

  • William Jameson

    The guy in the middle with the wolf feet almost makes me think of a pre-dreadnought Murderfang.

    Or wait… do they ALL have wolf feet? Kind of a weird design choice. Will probably still buy regardless, they look way better than my own attempts at Wulfen using Genestealer arms, marauder torsos and greenstuff fur. Really looking forward to painting these gents. 🙂

    • Secundum

      He’s a Wulfun….They’re WEREWOLVES!

      All the original Wulfun models had them.

      • William Jameson

        Apologies, what I meant was that the majority having canine legs made the guy in the centre with the ice claws stand out a little less, hence why I thought it would an odd design choice to have all of them with said legs.

        And after a casual google image search I can’t seem to find any models with those sort of legs before. Care to share? I’d love to see them. 🙂

        • Secundum

          Huh, I thought all the old ones had legs like that. My mistake.

      • Are you sure they’re not Wulfyn. From Fenrys. From the Thirtynth Cympany. Sons of Lyman Ryss.
        Y. WHY? WHYYYY? :'(

        • Secundum


    • Syra

      Wolf feet or not they look really stupid…

      • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

        they look totally mental, and not in a good way. They look like the bad Khorne minis we’ve had lately.Obviously there are two factions in the design studio, and the ‘PVA then dip in bits’ faction got to design the Khorne and Space Wolf minis (and the Taurox).

        • Crevab

          Whats the other faction?

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            the one that does more FW style minis, realistic proportions and somewhat understated detailing (not the totally encrusted look), though with interesting looking guns, like the new Tau and Adeptus Mechanicus,

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            just thought- please please let the Tau designer do the new Chaos Space Marine models……. GW do not curse us to an eternity of Derp!

  • Cromer

    I think they look dumb personally. They are too ornate. I like the original wulfen models because they seemed like regular marines transformed. These feel more like the new AoS chaos models than anything else. They also remind me of the new fyreslayers and I don’t mean that in a good way.

    • Barimbino

      Yeah I know what you mean. Although I like the new AOS design for fantasy I don’t want to see it carried over into 40k. Hopefully they look better in person and have different poses?

      • Yeah, they look more like fantasy/AoS miniatures.

        • Ben_S

          But the AoS miniatures look like 40k miniatures…

    • knightsanguis

      Falls in line with the WOLFWOLFWOLFWOLF direction GW have been taking with the SWs recently.

      • Dennis J. Pechavar

        Along with the Murderfangwolfskullslaughterwolfblood claw unit names.

    • ang56

      tbh the ornate is okay, not a fan of the middle model but the others look fine, more though I will prob take a kit of this and mix it with regular SW pack box to make them not so fancy and make the wulfen kit do more models.

  • Mandragola

    Looks like a new codex then. I guess they kind of need one, since they don’t have a decurion and they’ll have new models.

    I’d love it if they got the Kauyon treatment, with all the new stuff in a campaign book and an optional codex. I think that could work, as none of the existing units really need changes.

  • Cerri Love

    Centre middle looks like hes checking himself out in a compact mirror….

    • Angel Grinder

      I had been thinking “knuckle duster” now I can’t un-see compact mirror LOL

    • Yellow Sigmarine

      Ugh, you’ve ruined this model for me!
      It’s like this guy: “Why does my telescope looks like a trumpet?”

      • Hedwerx

        Aaahhh, ooowww, eee! How am I looking? …. Looking nice. No, wait a minute. I’m looking better than nice. I’m looking dangerous. Aaaoooww, dangerous! Aaaooowww!

    • D. B.

      I think he’s got a skull, but DAMN! Can’t unsee.

    • Captain Raptor

      It’s bad that I actually like the model more thinking of it like that!

    • benn grimm

      ‘Do my arms look big in this…?’

    • Talos2

      Exactly what I thought

  • Xodis

    Throw in some more Undead AoS releases in that mix since we have some amazing art of “Vampire Queen Cyssandra” who looks surprisingly like ” Isabella von Carstein” in the Fyreslayers book.

  • So we’re getting Wulfen Jesus? You could nail him to a cross with those spread arms.

    • William Jameson

      He just wants a hug.

      • He might also be going for a Crane Kick…

        • William Jameson

          Oh my goodness, you’re right. “The Karate Wulfen”?

        • Hedwerx

          He was bitten by a wolf, and struck by lightning at the same time.
          Now he’s Kung-Furry.

          • William Jameson

            I wish I could up-vote your comment more than once. XD

          • dakota5X5

            “I’m just a renegade kung fu space marine werewolf… from the future!”

          • Hedwerx

            I was sent back in time to kill Horus. But I accidentally went too far back in time, and ended up in this place.

          • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

            Hong Kong Furry, number one Space Marine.
            Hong Kong Furry, tougher than Wolverine.

            He’s got skulls, cos he ain’t dull,
            and a tank that just won’t stop.
            When the going gets tough, he’s really rough,
            with Astartes Furry chop (Hi-Ya!)

            Hong Kong Furry, number one Space Marine.
            Hong Kong Furry, high on Ephedrine.
            Hong Kong Furry, he’s Ward-riffic (gong!)

        • am1t

          … which would be cool as long as it is strenght ‘D”

        • Crevab

          Came here looking for that. It’s what they learned in the Eye of Terror. No defense

    • am1t

      Wulfen Jesus would be formidable …

  • Spacefrisian

    Wax in wax out, and now you do a Kung Fu attack and claim it to be karate Daniel san..

    • William Jameson

      Time for an 80s montage to the tune of “You’re the Best Around”?

  • Commissar Molotov

    Apparently part of becoming wulfen is getting a really bad Flock of Seagulls hairdo.

    • frank

      it’s the most disfiguring of the signs of the mark

  • DeadlyYellow

    Space Wolves vs. Daemons on the rumors. Can’t wait for that!

    Wolves make great CSMs.

  • Charon

    Yey… Loyalist Space Marines… we totally need more stuff for them.

  • Simon Chatterley

    GW Chief Exec “Hey guys we need some models that cash in on that 80’s feeling. Give me Teen Wolf meets Kirate Kid with a bit of Back to the Future”

    GW Designer “I’m on it Boss….”

  • benn grimm

    Well they look slightly odd…but i guess being stuck in the eye of terror for 10,000 years will do that…

    • Hedwerx

      Though luckily they’ve got that anti-chaos-mutation plot armour.

      • PrimoFederalist

        You mean the Canis Helix intentionally embedded in their gene-seed? Hardly any more substantial plot armor than Gellar Fields or the existence of Space Marines.

        • Hedwerx

          Thanks to their condition. The Space Wolves emerge from the Eye of Terror only half mad.

      • benn grimm

        Lol, indeed, never leave home without it 🙂

      • Severius_Tolluck

        I can’t really tell in that photo, are they wearing bits of salvaged chaos marks? That is what made the old ones awesome along with their fluff. Not sure I like these sculpts, the poses look.. off.

        • Hedwerx

          It doesn’t look like it. All the bling seems to be wolfy plates and the usual diamond cut jewels on thongs.

          I guess there’s nothing stopping people from making their own Wulfen figures. The older Mks of armour from Forgeworld would probably make a good base.

  • am1t

    This is all loyalist propaganda …

    There are no wolves on Fenris

    • frank

      you can see that they plainly do heretic! haha

  • frank

    really dig that hero model the others are a lil meh.

  • Erik Setzer

    I’m sorry, but these models are actually bad enough to induce nausea in me. From the one’s horrible Karate Kid pose, to the arms that are larger than a guy’s head, and everything in between, these harken back to the worst of the worst, in league with original Lemartes and old school Nagash’s head.

    What happened to their design team? The new Space Wolves they’d been releasing looked pretty good (Logan’s sleigh was a dumb idea but it was a sound model, and he looked good). Murderface McMurderpants was the only questionable one of the bunch, and it was more his concept and the head sticking out that made him bad.

    These guys are just awful. Even the AoS stuff I don’t like hasn’t induced as much of a feeling of disgust in me as these have. It’s like they’re hiring minimum wage sculpting interns and letting them do production models.

    “Best miniatures in the world”… bollocks.

    • frank

      the head part on murderpants was biggest problem like why would chaos marines dislike the dred if u still had access to feeling the wind on ur face. that said a simple swap for the robo-wolf head makes it a much better model. the fluff for him is not to out of line with the over the top nature of the rest of the army

  • Tenebris

    So not only Chaos once again gets the shaft but it will also have to suffer being a punchbag for the Space Wolves in a Space Wolf campaign, with new Space Wolf models, with all sorts of support that this will entail (painting videos, new lore, new rules, new models…), all that and more whilst the Chaos players are left out in the cold.

    I wonder, what keeps an average Chaos player going (and don’t even say background you hypocrites), faithful to his army? It feels that being part of team Chaos not only requires a great deal of effort but it also always turns out to be like with a chain around the ankle.

    The question is, why only the loyalist and the xenos are allowed to enjoy the game for the past four years…

  • PrimoFederalist

    Hate the models. Hopefully it’s a multipart plastic kit that can be kit-bashed. Those feet are uniquely awful.

    I do love me some 13th Great Company lore, though, and have frequently regretted not getting those Wulfen miniatures from the Eye of Terror campaign.

    • Knight_of_Infinite_Resignation

      something tells me that recasters who have molds for the old 13th company models are going to do well.

  • Azrell

    space wolves look more and more stupid every time they put out a new model for them. I feel really sorry for SW fans, and 40k in general.

    • That’s why the 30K era is a great refuge against the ott comic-bookey aspect of today’s wolves, even if we have to (so far) play with generic legion rules.
      Trinkets? Minimal and according to the novels.
      Full pelts? Who wants a cape in battle?!?
      Wolves heads and paws everywhere? Nonsense, we keep it simple and grey.
      Garish blue scheme? Bairn, we keep it grey. GREY I TELL YE!

      • Crevab

        Even Bjorn succumbed to it with all the crap they put on him while he slept. Luckily he was gifted to the Blood Ravens

        • Michael Shaw

          that’ll work out well, setting a wolf loose with a bunch ravens. even worse a bunch of thousand sons successors.

          • OolonColluphid

            At least he gets to fight and not tell boring stories about Leman Russ being a wanker.

          • Azrell

            errr what?

      • Azrell

        I hear that more and more from my friends that still play 40k. 30k it seems is the only way to go these days.

  • Emprah

    Wolfity wolfo wolfy wolf!

  • Agent OfBolas

    omg… such wasted potential … 13 company is one of most climatic things in this game but those minis looks so dumb and … god, so terrible…

  • Midou

    ” No Can Defend “

  • Jax Tolmen

    Quick! Judge everything absolutely and make broad statements about Games Workshop whilst all we have to go on are piss poor quality photos and zero information.

    Phew, here I was thinking that we’d make the mistake of being reasonable people – I much prefer the incessant complaining and negative assumptions based on rumors and speculation. You guys are such a fun community to be around.

    • Erik Setzer

      And when the good photos come out and we have MORE information – because having a photo is NOT “zero information” – then what excuse will you use to try to claim any negative views are just people being wrong and complaining with no merit?

      When you respond to an article that has A FREAKING PHOTOGRAPH and claim there’s “zero information,” you lose all credibility and claims to being “reasonable” yourself.

    • You are being ridiculous. The photos we have, while poor quality, show off the design quirks and philosophy very clearly. We don’t need full 360° shots of the miniatures to see that their faces look ugly, their bodies deformed, and not in a good, Wulfen-like way, or that their poses are beyond silly.

  • ButtKrak

    a welcome break from Age of Sh*tmar

  • JP

    That black blob just looks like some doofus spilled ink on the cover.

    • Hedwerx

      I think it might be the black plastic wrap the magazine bundles get shipped in.

  • georgelabour

    1st thing. Everyone remember those first bleary pics we got of imperial knights? Remember how people were all grumpy mcragetrolling over how stupid the model obvious was?

    That being said…

    If that is murderfang, or perhaps his cousin fangmurder, then I do want it. Even the bleary picture makes me want it.

    The others I’ll reserve judgement on. Especially the ones to his left and right which appear to be either commanders with weird hair, or specialist models judging by things in the background that can’t quite be seen.

    Also going from the bleary (again remember the 1st knight pics) I’d say I’m hoping some of those heads on the guys in front are replaceable.

    Otherwise. GET MOAR HYPE!!!!111

    • Hype is exactly what sets people up for disappointment and an unreasonable quest to defend their own biases in an attempt to justify their previous hype instead of admitting that they wasted excitement over nothing.

      • georgelabour

        I dunno. I was pretty hypd for that knight release and ended up quite happy with it.

        And it certainly beats being a pouty mcsadface about everything.

    • Hedwerx

      +++Hype is the first step on the road to disappointment+++

  • Tirelion

    Huh, all that chaos talk and all we get is an AoS book no one will care about, and now it’s space wolves. Anyone doubting anymore that chaos is getting the “sisters treatment” in 40k? (30k not withstanding)

  • MightyOrang

    Based on the fact that they’re painted that awful baby blue color scheme, Either they’re getting retconn’ed out of the HH era or GW doesn’t know they’re own fluff.

  • Max Knickerbocker

    The Krom Dragongaze model from the previous Space Wolves and Ork boxed campaign is almost a given. Wulfen of the long lost 13th Company? Makes sense as they were models released in metal years ago as part of the GW Eye of Terror world-wide summer campaign. This would all tie-in to the next set of campaign books.

  • Camoron

    More Space Marine re-releases. Yay.

  • Nick Parrett

    Grrrr, it looks like they some how have modern power armor marks.

  • Albert Ross

    These look beyond whack.

  • Mordrot

    Wolfen literally same style as AoS people hail it as the second coming of awesome but AoS is lame and ridiculous. Oh yea makes total sense.

  • Bugsculptor

    Image is blurry, but I’m pretty sure the wulfen in the front is checking out his eyeshadow application in a powder compact.