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40K: The Space Wolves Returning, but…

Jan 19 2016


There’s a new set of scuttlebutt doing the rounds on the return of the Space Wolves Grimdark Fans:

Sources have relayed to BoLS that the Space Wolves are returning this year, but there are some big caveats:

  • Look for the Space Wolves to return in the first half of the year, before summer arrives.
  • This will be a minor “reboxing release”
  • Look for some originally limited edition models to make their way into the standard SW range.
  • Look for mostly reboxings with updated bases and the like.
  • There is no current word on an updated codex.

So this sounds like a 1-week kind of release sandwiched in between other larger releases, similar to say the Age of Sigmar Sylvaneth release window last year, or perhaps the Grey Knight release, if there is a codex to go along with it.

But no, the Space Wolves aren’t shaping up to be a giant Tau sized miniatures and campaign book overhaul.

~ What do you think the Space Wolves most need?


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