The Top Three New 40k Formations – Long War Podcast

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New Year, new 40k! Checkout the TOP 3 new Formations for Warhammer 40k that are great for both new and old players alike!

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In our latest podcast we talk about the new 40k Formations, releases and interview Bartoz from Southern Painting in Sweeden!

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The Hive Vanguard can really let you play grab ass with enemy battle lines with the Gargoyles and then catch and release them when you need to grab objectives or hit them with one overwhelming turn of firepower / assault.



Similar to the Hive Vanguard this formation features the ultimate in “we’ll be back” abilities, the can really give both warriors and scrarab farms a HUGE advantage!




Similar to the “fury of the legion” special rule from Horus Heresy, this formation can really unleash the dakka on the enemies for the imperium once and for all.  Don’t forget to upgrade the Venerable to all shoot weapons as well!

Which formations are YOUR favorite?

Top 3 New 40k Formations – The Long War Podcast Episode 33


  • Dan Wilson

    Heads up for even MORE new starter sets next weekend…

  • Gooberbaby

    What the hell was this?

  • Carnikang

    Wtf. Nid formation is straight butt.

  • Juggernaut Imperial Pimps who?

    could you double orbital bomb ? upgrading the capitan to a chaptermaster? it says unit. so he could just be in the unit of tac marines probably?

    • Christopher Fingerbang

      Unfortunately you can only use orbital bombardment one per game mate.

  • Juggernaut Imperial Pimps who?

    could you double orbital bomb ? upgrading the capitan to a chaptermaster? it says unit. so he could just be in the unit of tac marines probably?

  • Dave Scammell

    Firstly, top 3? Out of Six? Was there much point? You might have well have listed them all. Best one I can understand, but it seems weird saying ‘okay this half of the cake is the best by a little bit’.

    And secondly, Tyranids?! The Mechanicus one is far better than the nids. Dominus picks a target, and the Dunecrawler and the Vanguard get re-roll misses. Re-rolls on the icarus array’s missiles, or a neutron laser PLUS re-rolling radium carbines (with rad-poisoning) AND the Dominus gets it on his weapons too (re-roll phosphor shots to try and reduce the enemy’s cover save, or even re-rolling an eradication ray) means that’s a lot of solid firepower being hurtled at the enemy. It’s just like a free Guide psychic power from the Eldar book, every turn. The perfect suppression force in spite of the range (just pop them in an allied valkyrie to compensate). Much, much better than teleporting gargoyles (yes, it’s useful, but it’s only really reliable if they teleport to the warriors… who are SLOWER than the gargoyles. If the game’s got to a point where they’re needed so far away they can’t fly there themselves I can’t imagine either unit will have survived enough shooting rounds for it to pay off)

    • Dave Scammell

      I do agree though that the Necron one has some potential. It’s expensive points-wise but an eternal supply of troops is nothing to sniff at. Have a couple of these detachments and a couple of Monoliths to redeploy things safely (and keep the Overlords out of harms way) or throw in a veil of darkness to get the Lord into a good position surrounded by his meat (metal?) shield of warriors to secure an objective or clog up the enemy lines, have all of them throw themselves in-front of oncoming fire and then all come back (without fail) the next turn. And should the scarabs happen to be wiped out, then suddenly the warlord gets all of them backing him up too.

      • garry

        I’m an admech player and your waaaay over estimating the power of that reroll. First off your lose scout on those vanguard. SO they won’t be in range to shoot anything ever as they’ll be dead the turn you would have had a shot. Also the domi has to be 18″ away from what ever you target. SO, it’s very easy to dodge your reroll. Finally, admech already boost BS so your reroll isn’t as strong as if they were BS 3 or something.

        Nid one is okay i guess, but the gargs aren’t very tough so they probably wont live to use that special rule. If you do it’s a neat way to aggressive take points on the map.

        I’d say the Astra millaterium or tau one’s would be decent. The protection on your troop is very nice, and supports waht astra milaterium do. The Tau let you get some very silly mobility keeping a 24″ bubble that can teleport about. The jet pack with assault moves gives fire warrior some extreme movement.

        • Dave Scammell

          Yeah, I might’ve exaggerated how good this formation is, but my main point was its still infinitely better than teleporting gargoyles, as are Tau and Guard, like you say.