BoLS Bonus Video: Tyranid Start Collecting Unboxing


AdamHarry finally caved-in and bought more Tyranids – But was it worth the money?

Hey BoLS Readers – AdamHarry here and I finally did it. My will power against the swarm has finally given out. I bought MORE Tyranids. Did I “need” them? Depends on who you ask. If you ask me then, “YES! I need my Plastic Crack FIX!” If you asked anyone that’s seen my Horde of Tyranids they’d probably say, “No, he has a problem and should probably get medial assistance.” Pfft – whatever, what do they know, RIGHT?! Anyhow, one thing was holding me back from taking the plunge – and looking back, yes it’s silly – but I had my doubts that the kits inside this “Start Collecting” box deal were the “full” kits. This is EVEN AFTER I opened up a few kits that our buddies and Dragon’s Lair brought to check out.

So I did it anyway! I spent my own money on this one. If anyone asks why – It was “FOR SCIENCE!” I had to know for sure and if that was going to cost me…then so be it! Fortunately my little gamble paid off. Was this Start Collecting Box worth the money? YES. I stand-by the fact that these boxes are an excellent deal for anyone in the hobby, old or new players alike.

Start Collecting! Tyranids $85


Hopefully this dispels any more doubts about these bundles. I know I still had my concerns but now I’m satisfied. I can confidently say that “Yes, they are full kits – no trickery or shenanigans.” And for all you like minded Jr. Accountants out there lets look at the pricing:

Start Collecting Tyranids includes:

1x Hive Tyrant (one set)$53.75

3x Tyranid Warriors (one set) $51

10x Gargoyles (one set) $29

Total: 133.75

Savings: 48.75 or about 36% off!

These numbers, like my hips, don’t lie. And having confirmed that these are full kits I’m pretty stoked! Now I’ll be able to use those Forge World Double Devourers I’ve been saving…MWAHAHAHAH! Also I just realized I have a second set of FW devourers. Guess I’ll have to get another box…Darn 🙂

Seriously though – this makes me wonder why Games Workshop 1) hasn’t done this sooner and 2) why don’t the do this even more? People like to buy in bulk when they feel like it’s a good deal. Can you imagine the excitement of seeing a bundle deal for a new army that was around $200 and offered the same kinda of deal? In fact let’s build out an example starter army that costs $300 to build but would retail for $200:

1x Hive Tyrant (one set)$53.75

3x Tyranid Warriors (one set) $51

10x Gargoyles (one set) $29

24x Termagants (two sets) $29 x 2 = $58

3x Venomthropes (one set) $66

1x Mawloc/Trygon (one set) $ 57.75 or 1x Carnifex $53.75

We’d be a little over $300 retail but that’s a pretty solid start right there. It’s not going to win any tournaments but it’s a good all-around box set that you can build from. But the formula is right there for the taking: 1 HQ unit, 3 Troops, 1 Fast Attack, 1 Elite, 1 Heavy Support all in a box for around $200. Throw in one of those formations that take 5 minutes to whip-up and make it happen GW. If you like my idea I take payment in the form of Miniatures. Or Resin. I’ll take Forge World Resin kits, too!


What do you think? What would your “Dream Army Box” look like? Build a list that costs $300 to make and let us know in the comments below! Oh – and try not to just spam the same box. No one likes Spammers. Not even Goatboy.

  • Carlill

    Best is getting them from the local for 20% less.

  • Dan Wilson

    Personally I get more satisfaction out of supporting my local GW. And yes, these are rediculously good deals. The new Chief Exec is much more business minded and not as stubborn as the previous one, who would prefer to sit on his haunches and stuck to the “premium product” bull. The new one knows the market is highly competitive and these new deals reflect that. Expect more like it on the way.

    • davepak

      Next up he just needs to realize that there is a game behind all this. I have seen many players leave 40k for a while now – based on pricing (this helps) but more so the feeling that GW just totally ignores them as players.

  • Benoit St-Martin

    Space Marine Chaplain with Jump Pack – 19.25$
    Blood Angels Furioso Dradnought – 46.25$
    Death Company – 33.00$
    2x Blood Angels Tactical Squad – 86.00$
    2x Drop Pod – 74.50$
    Baal Predator – 57.75$
    total: 316.75$
    This box would be a little over 300, as was yours… To be closer, switch the Furioso with another Death Company, but it’s less fun when everything in the box is repeated or similar…
    This would be a fun Blood Angels box in my opinion 😀

    • adamharry

      I like it! if if that was a $200 box it’d be a sweet deal!

  • davepak

    Know what would really help motivate new players to start collecting tyranids?

    A better codex.

    Kudos to the new CEO for being more business minded – next he needs to understand what business he is in.

    Now – if you actually need these models, this is indeed a good value compared to their other prices.