FW: BREAKING – Next Primarch Spotted! *UPDATE*


This INFERNO is heating up – check out the latest from the Horus Heresy Weekender!

Looks like the battle for Prospero is on the way next! And you know what that means…PRIMARCH TIME!

via Battlebunnies 2-7-2016

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More info on the Horus Heresy Timeline

Russ 1


It’s Leman RUSS!

HH Book 7

HH book 7 part 2



Reports are in that it is indeed the Primarch of the Space Wolves – Leman Russ! That is also not his final head – it’s just a WIP. Battlebunnies also had some boots on the ground checking out the Seminar for Inferno and here is what they are reporting (unedited):

via Battlebunnies 2-7-2016

New stories from Black Library soon for Space Wolves.
Gav Thorpe is working on audio called The 13th Wolf. Different side of Prospero Burns this time.

Chris Wraight working on book on Leman Russ and Space Wolves during the Heresy.

Involving one or maybe more Primarchs. Including some hes not got on with……

Graham McNeill nearly done with Crimson King! Also working on more Magnus based stories.

Russ will get an axe and a sword.

Sisters of Silence will be a small allies list – not a “full force”.Space Wolves attack Arkhadia (Mechanicum world) – part of the campaigns in Inferno. This Mechanicum planet is targeted as he is associating with Magnus.

Custodians are their own elite force, not like Space Marines 2.0! The Emperor saved the Custodes the best toys so look forward to heavy master weaponry. It’s a highly lethal mobile force. They were designed to kill Space Marines if something goes wrong. 100% loyal to the Emperor, even beyond free will.

Playtest – 5 Custodians against 20 Tactical Marines, none of the Tacs were alive to fight back in combat!!! Not the full rules im sure – again, it’s still playtesting.

Rules will come for Spireguard, possibly not models though. Might be a variant to the Solar Auxilia models.Space Wolf Characters unconfirmed apart from Leman Russ, Freki and Geri.

Thousand Sons have a plan in their playstyle, not fully confirmed, still playtesting, be less of them, not usually in attritional warfare. Possibility of picking your option for Psyker-yness, that may improve equipment/weapons.

Tutilaries/Familiars will have above listing type (equipment/weapons).

Sisters of Silence almost like Assassins hunting down all psykers.

During Heresy there will be limitation on unit types (they did not have access to certain things around this time) for Space Wolves, as their way of war gives them limitation to certain things. BUT! Space Wolves will have their own bespoke consuls and unit types!

*Update More Seminar Info Added*

Possible stories furthering the Thousand Sons that weren’t on Prospero.

Space Wolves attack Arkhadia (Mechanicum world) – part of the campaigns in Inferno. This Mechanicum planet is targeted as he is associating with Magnus.

Arkhadine Mechanicum will have their own unique weapon and unit types, thanks to the help from Thousand Sons. This Cybernetica based Forgeworld will have its own Titan legion and it will have technology encouraged by the psychic aspects of the thousand sons. Which is why there will be multiple Titan Legion rules as there will be Legions sent to deal with them in Inferno.

Legio Mortis and a new type of Titan Legio (for Arcadia) but thats secret for now.

*Update – Space Wolf Upgrade Packs*


Exciting times!

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  • euansmith

    I imagined that Russ would look… older… beardier… Maybe the face fungus has yet to be modeled?

    • TweetleBeetle

      Why would he be older and beardier? He was in his youthful prime at the time of the Heresy. He likely would look like a giant (literal) version of a Blood Claw.

      • euansmith

        I just imagined him as looking more Vikingie

    • Badgerboy1977

      That is just a temporary head for the wip, it will not look like that in the finished piece.

      • Ray Carruth

        Yup, I’m sure he will look very much like the BL artwork material.

    • Cergorach
      • PanzerDan

        I think there Using the Burning of Prospero Cover art rather then the older things. I can see him with mutton chops

      • Shawn

        That looks more like Rangar Blackmane to me, than Lemen Russ.

        • ieyke

          It IS Leman Russ.
          BUT, the Ragnar* Blackmane model was almost certainly based on this original version of Russ, hence the VERY similar models, and Ragnar’s Great Company heraldry being the default Chapter symbol for the Space Wolves.


          • Shawn

            I’m not surprised. It makes it easier for GW to focus on one company of space wolves than to provide upgrade bits for all of them. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised about the similarities. “Hey, here is one of the greatest of the Space Wolf heroes and he just happens to look like Lemen Russ.”

    • Older and beardier? So u want him to be a 40K player? 😛 I dig that!

    • Syra

      @euansmith:disqus I was at the seminar and they specifically stated that is not the Leman Russ head but a placeholder while the body is sculpted.

  • Warrior_of_Sound

    sisters of silence. perhaps no new plastic sisters ever. just expensive ones

    • Robomummy

      sisters of silence and the sororitas are two completely different things.

      • Warrior_of_Sound

        Im well aware they were wiped before the current era, but thats why Im bummed. 40k SMs get the models perfectly acceptable for 30k/40k. Still waitin on sisters, though will probably just counts as w/ these guys

        • Cergorach

          The artworks so far for Sisters of Silence is that they look more like DE the Sororitas. Your best hope is that GW will eventually make them plastic in 40k…

        • Robomummy

          my point is that besides them being female warriors, sisters and sororitas aren’t really comparable. space marines get 30k stuff because they were actually around during the heresy.

        • Crevab

          SoS don’t exist in 40k? I thought they were part of the crew on the Inquisition’s Black Ships.

  • PanzerDan

    I hope the Sisters of silence are easily interchange able for Sororitas Those nice gals need some love from Forgeworld and GW

    • Robomummy

      Doubtful. the sisters of silence are completely different form the sororitas which werent founded until well after the heresy. The sisters of silence are more like the Culexus assassins.

      • PanzerDan

        It depends If forgeworld want to have the connected They Could just write them As the Thunder warrior verison Sister of battle That would explain them disappearing after HH and not appearing For the AoA. However I think they are going to Disappear into the Imperial Palace to fight the 2nd eye of terror along side the Guard

        • Robomummy

          Sisters of silence are all blanks who were used by the emperor as anti-psychic weapons during the great crusade and heresy. Sisters of battle are a militant order of the ecclesiarchy created as to have an armed force controlled by the imperial cult. They are really nothing alike and it would take a very heavy retcon in order to connect them.

        • Terminus

          Your hopes will be dashed. Sorry. 🙁

      • AveNox

        I think hes doing it with the intentions of using them as proxy for SoB. Which they could totally be used for, since they’re both Chicks in Gothic power armor.

        • Robomummy

          I don’t know if they could if FW is following the lore. They don’t exactly look anything alike.

    • Beefy

      Um, no. Two totally different entities, as far as im aware

      • PanzerDan

        I meant the Models not the armies Its a lot easier to blend a Female Figure in a Female force rather sculpting and conversion blanks. We need more Cool Female Figure.

    • Spiderpope

      Besides their gender, the two are nothing alike. You may as well hope that future Astartes releases are easily interchangeable with Orks.

  • benn grimm

    So very excited for this. Must be hard to balance a force like the Custodes, fingers crossed they’ve got it nailed.

    • Crevab

      They’ll be like Marines except WS 5, Fearless , True Grit, and their weapons get more powerful up the heirarchy

  • Beefy

    Hopefully that pic of Russ doesn’t do him justice. I imagine Bjorn will be one of the SW characters. He was alive right and Im not living in some other world?

    • PrimoFederalist

      Yes, Bjorn will definitely be one of the characters. He’s been in every SW HH book so far. He’s an important character and Russ (and the Wolves in general) believe he has a special wyrd/fate after Prospero.

      Russ shares with him in “Wolf King” that, as he’s casting runes to try and scry the paths forward, the “Bear” rune is never revealed with “Death” (or something like that), basically foreshadowing Bjorn’s fate of eternal life entombed in a Dreadnaught.

      In fact, Bjorn is the *only* major character they’ve developed at all.

  • Zingbaby

    Based on early rumors, I thought there would be 2 back-to-back books with Blood Angels Legion rules… have I already missed them? I know book VI has some BA rules, but does V also?

    • CMAngelos

      Book 6 is giving rules for new legions that don’t have any yet, RoWs and such. Blood Angels are included in this, however their actual special units and such will not appear until their specific book.

      • Joel Munson

        goodness knows when that will be…besides about 20 pages of unremembered empire and (edit) Fear to Treat there’s not really been anything about them whatsoever in the BL series. Too bad, I really want to at least get a decent transfer sheet.

        • CMAngelos

          That I don’t know but it would stand to reason that with the next book being Prospero, coming likely end of this year or early next, Signus Prime (the rumored setting for the BA book) would be next.

  • monkeypuzzle

    A custodes force led by the Big E himself might finally get me into Horus Heresy.

  • Thomson

    Why is Forge World just 100% cooler than GW…

    Legio Custodes? Sisters of Silence? Oh… my…