Unboxing The Walking Dead: All Out War Starter Set


The All out War Kickstarter is live – take a look at the game contents, including some awesome miniatures!

The Walking Dead: All Out War will be available at retail in late 2016 for £34.99/$49.99. It is live on Kickstarter throughout February and you can find out more about the Kickstarter here.

The Walking Dead: All Out War starter set is unsurprisingly for new people to get into the game. It contains everything you need to play, including a rulebook and a dedicated Getting Started guide with a step-by-step guide for your first game making it easy to begin playing.

There are all the tokens you need – activation counters, health tokens and an initiative counter – and a range ruler for moving your figures and determining range.

And then there are the miniatures!

In the Walking Dead: All Out War miniatures game, each player controls a group of survivors made up from characters from the storyline. In the starter game the starter groups are Rick and Carl Grimes, and Derek’s group of survivors – Liam, Sandra and Patrick – from Alexandria.


These scavengers are a group of survivors led by Derek, and are constantly on the move. They are featured in the comics as a bunch of ruthless killers. Preferring to live out on the road, they are ready to kill anyone or anything that crosses their path.

Each of these high quality 30mm scale miniatures are supplied in quality grey plastic. They come unpainted so that you can enjoy putting your own touches to them (we’ve had lots of people wanting to paint them in monochrome to match the comics!)

Each of these characters come with their own character cards featuring their abilities, survival points, special rules and stats – all of the information that you’ll need to use them in a game! Along the sides and bottom you’ll also notice the slots for equipment.


There are 8 pieces of equipment in the game to equip your groups with, from weapons to body armour and medical supplies, and your group scavenges the landscape for supplies they may find additional equipment like bandages that they can store in their pack or new weaponry like lead pipes and better guns. Alternatively you may just uncover a booby trap or a trapped Walker!


The Walking Dead: All Out War Miniatures Game is on Kickstarter right now and the Something to Fear pledge level contains all of this and more! Check it out!

  • Dave

    Isn’t the KS like $125? Waiting seems like a much better option.

    • Gomtar17

      Agreed. Compared the previous kickstarters of Mantic, I fail to see the value of this one imho.

      • euansmith

        I’m assuming that, like all the other Mantic kickstarters, they leave half the gubbins out of the box to begin with so that they can add it as “stretch goals”. I’m kind of hoping they won’t get too carried away this time and start piling more and more in once they have worked their way through the initial “stretch goals”.

        • Dave

          Yeah, I’m planning on picking this up, especially at the $49. I went to the KS the other day and assumed the retail would have to be $100+ based on that pricing. Glad I waited.

    • ted1138

      That also includes the expansion sets i believe.

      • Nogle

        yep, includes first expansion(Atlanta camp) and boosters (like 2 characters and a zombie and a few cards). other expansions after that will be add ons (prison, woodbury). plus they are doing KS exclusive alternate sculpts for survivors as part of the pledge.

        the first of which is Michonne in Prison outfit(the outfit she was wearing during round 1 and 2 againgst the governor). if youve only seen them fight on the TV show, you have no idea, that was a kiddy fight. never look at a spoon the same way again.

  • mafiacheese

    Can you really have an “unboxing” for a product that’s not even available yet?

    • Mathew G. Smith


  • Nogle

    im so excited for this. KS exclusive aternate Micchonne (in an Andrea sewn prison outfit) should be unlocked tommorow. Farm expansion should show up as an add-on soon too. Paytest rules are close also . I already have my mordheim and old GW cardboard fantasy buildings out to playtest this with zombicide models.